Why is postpartum hemorrhage stool stool children what causes bleeding

Baby bowel bleeding how to do dry weather makes babies easy to get angry, pull every time Smelly stools are dry as hard, sometimes pull bleeding。
Do not worry Mom, wish to look at the color of blood, to find the cause。 If blood in the stool is bright red, the majority of intestinal bleeding, if it is dark red, are much more gastrointestinal bleeding。 If the blood was bright red, and the stool can be seen in the mucosa-like substance, it may be part of the intestinal problems。
For example, caused by inflammation, sometimes it can cause intestinal mucosa off slightly bleeding。
Baby blood in the stool come from the rectal polyp, which is characterized by no pain。
Blood red, not mixed with stool。 Always pay attention to diet, less than two years old baby is best not to let it eat honey, do not eat bananas。 If a more serious case, but also to go to hospital for treatment。 Mom should do: if slight, then do not worry mother to the baby medication, to drink plenty of warm water every day, can add the milk partner in boiling water, adjusting the diet, proper control of what the protein intake, etc., eat more fruits, high vitamin content of vegetables and other foods。