26 + 16 horford Eagles recovery glory Walker victory total score 1-2

  Ticker on April 28, the Eagles returned home, immediately restore glory to 90-69 victory over the Pacers, will always tie series 1-2。
  Al – Al Horford scored 26 points and 16 rebounds, Josh – Smith 14 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Jeff – Teague 13 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, German – Harris 8 points and four assists。   Walker lost the fight at home, David – David West had 18 points and six rebounds, Paul – George 16 points and nine rebounds。
George – Hill Dashishuizhun 8 shots 1, only 3 points and Lance – Stevenson went 1 7。
Pacers audience hit rate of only 27%。
  The first two were lost Eagles 32 points, lost 220 points, it is simply not playoffs。
Hawks coach Drew claimed lineup will be adjusted, he does exactly that。
  Few of the regular season with Petro referred to the starting center position, while Horford play forward, small forward Smith, the three-point shooter Kyle Korver off the bench to provide fire support。
Although Petro playing time is not long, but the team still managed to get immediate results。
  Game played nearly three minutes, the Eagles failed to shooting, the Pacers 8-1 start, but the Pacers did not last long。
Petro dunk, finally open up the situation for the Eagles, Smith and Horford has since been shot, but also to the Eagles after a wave of 10-1 to 11-9 exceeded。
This section last 3 minutes Pacers scoreless, the Hawks shot a wave of 12-0, the first section to 27-14 lead。   Eagles since then has maintained double-digit advantage。
After their basket suddenly become very powerful, when Section 7 minutes and 21 seconds, Horford dunks, they completed a small climax 11-3 to 38-17 lead with 21 points。 After Taliaferro hit third, once again Horford layup, the Hawks extended the advantage to 25 points。
Pacers failed to find the feeling of the first half to fall behind 30-54。   Horford scored 12 first half points and nine rebounds, Smith had 12 points, eight points Harris。 George scored 12 points for the Pacers, who shot only%。   While leading the first half the score, the Eagles still not the effect, in the second half to continue to suppress opponents, firmly in control of the situation。 The third quarter and four minutes, West layup, one scored 4 points, Walker chasing the score 46-66, which is the smallest gap between the two teams in this section。 Since then Walker has repeatedly shot, but Kyle Korver hit three-pointers for the Hawks, shot after a wave of 9-1, when there are seconds in this section to 75-47 lead 28 points。 This section there are five seconds, the Pacers only break dunk by George, it was their last four minutes of this section only time in warfare score, 26 points behind the first three quarters。
  Section IV Hawks still go all out, come early to the main, in addition to Petro, the four starters on the pitch, but they played nearly six minutes had four points in this section, walkers will lead into 61- 79。
This section there are 6 minutes and 11 seconds, Horford dunks, Hawks 20 points to regain the advantage。 Walker had to give up, after more than half of this section played at full lineup。   Hawks can not relax in the game 3 minutes 05 seconds remaining, only to end up the main break, this time they lead to 86-67, the outcome of no suspense。 (Angkor)。