Egg white and yolk that high nutritional value?

Eggs have egg white and egg yolk of the points, especially deep understanding of this ancient。
Such as "Compendium of Materia Medica" Cloud: protein which clean air, which is slightly cold; yolk, the gas muddy which warm。
Insufficient sperm who fill them with the gas, so that the egg white to clear air, the heat treatment V, red eyes, sore throat various diseases。
Shaped deficiency who fill them with the taste, it can be blood yolk, cure diarrhea, various diseases births。
Egg white can: lungs pharynx, detoxification, suitable for sore throat, hoarseness, red eyes, swelling and pain are hot drug consumption。But "Herbal" Yun: tempted gas, should not eat。Egg yolk can nourishing yin, nourishing suffering from wind, suitable for consumptive vomiting, fever, convulsions, upset not sleep, lower blood by eating Tailou。Ming Li said: chicken yellow, smell all thick, it can make shaped, which claims the old saying goes, gelatin isozyme, this is intended to be positive。
But chicken yellow is difficult to digest, not to eat, as the "Materia Medica truth" that says: eat the stagnation。For better or egg white protein content of egg yolk good whole egg is about 12% higher than egg yolk egg white, fat content of about 10%?15%, 98% of the fat in the egg yolk, egg white contains little fat。
Egg yolk is extremely rich in vitamin content, the type is also more complete, including all of the B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin d, vitamin E, vitamin?And trace amounts of vitamin C ^。
The main minerals are also found in egg yolks in an amount of%?%, Including calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium and other rich content, while rarely albumen。
Is also an excellent source of egg yolk phospholipids, they are rich in lecithin has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol, and can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins。So, in a way, it is higher than the nutritional value of egg yolk egg white, but excessive intake can increase the amount of cholesterol。
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