Taboo women's lives can not do these things

Sweets surmise pocket mouth non-stop snacking seems to be a girl's nature, which often put in his pocket and a bag of snacks。 But the sweets make acidic, reducing the skin's resistance to the outside world, the increased sensitivity of the skin, thus easy to produce wrinkles and dermatitis changdou。 Excessive intake of sugar will increase the fat。
Some oil diet eat meat for fear that their body is not good and the girls are keen to lose weight, weighed almost every day, rarely eat staple food and meat, even worse, often Chijianfeiyao。
As everyone knows, there is no adequate and balanced nutrition, skin will therefore dull rough dry easy to aging。 Body piercing remarkable fashion accessories to express individuality, some girls like body piercing accessories, necklaces and rings to wear complete。
However, these accessories often contain heavy metals, nickel is a high for the skin sensitizer。
Taboo diet female health lifestyle tips 1 women's lives, slowing girl suffering from dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea women can eat fish, fish oil rich in ω-3 fatty acids have symptoms can very effectively relieve dysmenorrhea, women taking this fatty acid is to to often eat fish, preferably deep-sea salmon, tuna, etc.。
2, anti-breast cancer。