How many normal endometrial thickness endometrial thickening actually suggesting that this matter

How many normal uterine endometrial thickness is very important female reproductive organs, which is a certain degree of endometrial thickness normal value, if you exceed this value perhaps is diseased。 So, how many normal endometrial thickness below it on with small series together to look normal endometrial thickness of it。
How many normal endometrial thickness is generally in the range of normal endometrium thickness 5-10MM, endometrium at different times, the thickness is somewhat different。
Endometrial thickness changes periodically in a proliferative phase: in the ovarian cycle, when a follicle development and maturation in the ovary, the ovarian estrogen secretion effect, i.e. endometrial hyperplasia phenomenon occurs proliferative endometrium。
2, secretory phase: after ovulation, under the action of progesterone and estrogen secretion of the corpus luteum, endometrium hyperplasia uterine secretion phenomenon, secretory endometrium。
3, period: ovarian luteal degradation, due to the reduced amount of estrogen and progesterone, the endometrium lost the support of necrosis and peeling, manifested as menstrual cramps, then known as the menstrual period endometrium。 How many normal endometrium endometrium thickness changes in the respective periods shown in Figure 1, the proliferative phase: about 5 of the menstrual cycle?9 days, the endometrium is thin, sparse gland, duct stenosis and straight, smooth luminal surface。
In 10 of the menstrual cycle?14 days, endometrial thickening corrugated, glands and stroma proliferation significantly, increase the number of start glands。