Cash gold chain jewelry。.Malaysia Red network broadcast show off their wealth was robbed and shot (Figure)

  [World Wide Web roundup Malaysia 26-year-old network of Red Mohd (MohdIrfanAbdullah) skin care and other beauty makeup often trafficked goods in the live face book, and still a high-profile show off their gold and silver jewelry, designer clothes, a thick stack of bills。 However, show off their wealth also attracted the attention of criminals, victims he was snatched 160,000 ringgit (about 250,000 yuan), was also shot and severely wounded his left leg。   Taiwan's ETTV cloud February 1 reported that Mohd originally lived in a cosmetics distributor in Kelantan, seeing the recent webcast is red, on the front and became his first live Lord, not I think business is getting better, earned large sums of money, but also let him become the cosmetics industry distribution network red。
  The greater the fame, he also followed a high-profile, show off intentionally introducing merchandise in front of the camera gold watch and, more recently exaggerated, 6 large stack of bills placed directly on the table, a number of thick gold chain, and fans to share their Tyrant like life。
  Mohd at 15:00 on the 26th show off their wealth live in the office, after the end let employees go straight home, himself is to continue to work overtime; he saw about three thugs burst into the bedroom, just got up and revolt at 11 pm, his left leg was shot and wounded, was taken away 8000 ringgit (about RMB million) in cash, worth about 150,000 ringgit (approximately RMB 240,000) of gold。
  After the police come to the scene after receiving the notification, the robbers forced open the locked iron rolling door, Mohd successfully rescued and taken to hospital。   Police said that from the point of view monitor screen, three criminals to commit crimes process neat, the car directly to the second floor broke into the office, and the goal is very clear, that the situation of victims should be webcast, three suspects are likely to have already fled to neighboring countries, the police are now trying to hunt。
  Mohd just had a narrow escape, immediately turn live in the hospital, he was prepared to say to the fans I'm fine with the customer newspaper in front of the camera, indicating their health status with the outside world。 However, Mohd this behavior, fueled quipped been shot still live, the next grave, best and do not forget to live。