German prosecutors searched the headquarters of Volkswagen investigate whether market manipulation

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 21 morning, according to CNBC reported that German prosecutors said on Tuesday, as part of a new survey, the prosecution has been on the headquarters of Volkswagen Group conducted a search, the purpose is to try to identify this are automotive manufacturers more than the previous forecast of a vehicle exaggerated its fuel economy。 Volkswagen, this news represents a new setback。
After mid-2015 diesel-powered automobile emissions cheating scandal, the company has been trying to get rid of the scandal, when the Volkswagen Group has admitted that cheating in the US diesel emissions laboratory detection。
The prosecution spokesman said (Brunswick) City of Braunschweig prosecutors have 13 offices Wolfgang Volkswagen Group headquarters were raided in early March, confiscated some documents and computer files, and review of these files and documents, which confirmed the German magazine "economic Weekly" (economic Weekly) previously reported。
Currently, prosecutors released After the Volkswagen Group in December 9, 2015 is the so-called "diesel gate" scandal hit about three months a statement to check, because of its suspected contents of this statement is not correct。 Volkswagen Group in the statement, said the group found it exaggerated the fuel economy of more than ten thousand vehicles in the survey carried out in their own and, therefore, underreporting the carbon dioxide emissions of these vehicles。 In contrast, according to early estimates previously made by the Volkswagen Group, the fuel economy of approximately 800,000 diesel and gasoline vehicles are exaggerated, and prompted Volkswagen Group warned that the group's profits might therefore faced with the 2 billion euros ($ 2.5 billion) loss。
In addition, the Volkswagen Group also declared in December 2015 released, he said the group has not found that carbon dioxide emissions data is illegally altered data。 German prosecutors Tuesday said it is investigating unnamed individuals, because they allegedly engaged in market manipulation activities。
Volkswagen confirmed the search, but declined to comment further。 At the same time, the prosecution Brunswick is also the former CEO of Volkswagen Group Winterkorn (MartinWinterkorn), former chief financial officer and current chairman Pan Shiyi (HansDieterPoetsch) and the current Volkswagen brand CEO Herbert Judith (HerbertDiess) launched an investigation for allegedly engaged in manipulation and "diesel gate" scandal related to the market。 Volkswagen Group has already denied market manipulation。 Volkswagen Group for Legal Affairs ManfredDoess majority shareholder Porsche Group said on Tuesday that he expects this latest survey is not prompting authorities to bring charges against the Volkswagen Group。
"My judgment is that the survey results will not have any。
"Doess said at Porsche's earnings press conference。 Since the "diesel gate" scandal, the Volkswagen Group has billions of dollars invested in the field of electric vehicles, would try to rebuild the image of。