Secret woman breast nipple color suggestive character (1)

  Female breast is an important symbol of human civilization, are responsible for educating future generations of milk mission。
For thousands of years the shackles of bra, finally able to unlock the shackles of modern, women make to the beauty that have a more profound understanding and bold pursuit。
Bare breasts and cleavage, are no longer linked with sensuality。
Different periods of the breast has its significant features, and that this time should be different from how it care – nipple size, shape, color change there is nothing particular about it – you know the shape of the breast Secret love and relationships do – together with a detailed understanding of network Night under it: with the accelerating pace of modern life, many women are busy every day, almost no time pay attention to their own health, but also ignore the breast health。But experts pointed out that women have a lifetime breast care needs, and its significant features and focus on the care of each period has。
Beauty and health of female breast health knowledge Daquan infant breast changes: the entire early childhood breasts are at rest。
But about a week of birth, there are bean size of induration, bilateral breast enlargement occurs 60% of newborn children below the nipple, and sometimes even a small amount of discharge overflow。Beauty and health of female breast health care knowledge Daquan principle: Do not crowd, do not rub, left unchecked。
The breast is a great influence on the organ by hormones, it is abnormal hormonal changes after birth the mother's hormone supply is suddenly interrupted, it immediately found。
About three weeks later, the baby adjust their own homeostasis, natural breasts returned to normal and enter the quiescent。