Six foot man should not do traditional Chinese medicine

Surely I often hear friends say, I'm going to be a foot bath, or themselves often say the word。
We will have to see the foot of words in the media。
So you know, what people are not suitable for traditional Chinese medicine foot it!First, the period of pregnancy and women, because of traditional Chinese medicine washes may cause irritation to the gonads reflex zones of women, thus affecting the health of the fetus and。 Second, people suffering from various serious hemorrhagic disease, such as vomiting blood, blood in the stool, cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding, etc.。 Third, kidney failure, heart failure, myocardial infarction, liver necrosis and other critically ill patients, whose condition is unstable, the stimulation of the foot reflex zones may cause strong reactions, complicating the disease。
Fourth, some of the acute infectious diseases, acute poisoning, the patient's surgical emergency, such as trauma, fractures, burns, perforation, bleeding and so on, so it may be the best time to delay in treatment。 Fifth, mental stress, physical fatigue of the people, is in the midst furious, grief and rejoicing when。
Six foot persons, such as foot trauma, blisters, scabies, inflammation, suppuration, ulceration, edema and severe varicose veins of the patient, etc.。
A final note: many suffer from heel pain ,, dysmenorrhea, patient disease, commonly used traditional Chinese medicine to help cure their feet, but do not use copper basin and other metal pots, because the chemical composition of such pot unstable, easily and traditional Chinese medicine tannic acid reacts with iron tannic acid and other harmful substances, so that the efficacy of the drug greatly reduced。