70-79 years of age is the critical period of longevity, longevity secret to tell you 5 (1)

  70-79 years old is the key to the health of the elderly with increasing age longevity is not linearly reduced。70?79-year-old is a dangerous period, various organs faster during this period of recession, a variety of geriatric multiple periods, often prone to high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, etc.。
And after the 80-year-old, there will be a downward trend of these diseases, and mental health of the body is likely to return to 60?As the level of 69 years of age。Thus, 70?The 79-year-old age group is known as the risk of age。
To obtain the elderly longevity, 70?79-year-old 10-year health care is crucial。  Experts advise elderly at 70?At age 79, but also to pay attention to patterns of life, more than a walk, breathe more fresh air, do not be too tired, quit smoking less alcohol, to eat high-protein, multi vitamin, less fat principle, regular blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids。
  Old Chinese told you five longevity secrets 1, Yang Shen drinking water is the source of life。
Lack of liquid water, it may cause toxic cloud of the lag, increased kidney burden。Thus, the timing of drinking water is very important method of Yang Shen。
  2, do not tolerate urine bladder urine reservoir reaches a certain level, it will stimulate the nerve to produce micturition reflex。Then we must go to the toilet in time, will be a clean urine row。Otherwise, the accumulated will become a water small cloud of gas, kidney damage。
One of the best ways Accordingly, when the urine will be discharged, also Yang Shen。  3, Jin Yang Shen swallow saliva in the mouth is divided into two parts: A thin as saliva, the main by the spleen; is thick saliva, the main by the kidney。You can do an experiment, a saliva mouth spit it took less than a day, you will feel the waist and knees, fatigue。This, in turn prove, swallowing the body fluid to nourish kidney essence, play and kidneys role。  4, diet food kidney kidneys, and can have a lot of。In addition to black black sesame, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other food can Yang Shen, walnuts, chives, shrimp, and the like may also function as sheep kidney kidney Yang Shen。
  5, Sleep Yang Shen adequate sleep for blood biochemical, kidney essence plays an important role in maintenance。
Clinical findings, many patients with renal failure have too much late at night, fatigue, lack of sleep experience。Therefore, do not stay up late too, to develop good habits early hours, in favor of the conservation of kidney essence。