Trump global warning not to fight a trade war: If the war there are no winners

March 8, in Washington, the White House, US President Trump (middle) display of notices, signed。
US President Trump signed on the 8th announcement impose high tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products。 The latest US trade protection measures has been widespread opposition within the United States and the international community。
Xinhua News Agency / AP Foreign media, international dignitaries warned of possible trade war instigated Trump will destroy the global economic recovery, because trade protectionist policies would undermine the global supply chain, and stifle the growth of productivity in the bud。
According to the British "Daily Telegraph" website on March 15 reported that the trade deficit increased tensions, job losses in manufacturing and Central America in the context of the global economic stage confrontation, International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued the warning。 IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde warned that, in order to avoid "is not only detrimental to global growth, and it is impossible to win a trade war," Politicians must "resolve trade dispute without resorting to exceptional measures."。 In the Group of Twenty meeting will be held on the eve of Buenos Aires, she issued a warning above。
She said: "Even if the partners do not impose retaliatory tariffs imposed import tariffs may also cause very serious self-harm。
Harmful protectionism maximum pressure because of its relatively low purchase prices of imported products due to poor consumers。 In other words, damage to the economy and trade are detrimental to the public。
"IMF" global outlook and policy challenges, "the report said, G20 leaders should attach importance to cooperation and coordination of trade policy, if you do not do so," the re-emergence of unilateral trade restrictions could exacerbate tensions, to stimulate the global Protectionism, disrupting global supply chains, influence the long-term productivity。 "According to EFE March 14 it reported that the opening of the World Economic Forum on Latin America conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil 14, the US trade protectionist policies could trigger a trade war has become the focus of the forum。 Latin American entrepreneurs, politicians and analysts have expressed concerns about the US approach to imports of steel and aluminum products imposed tariffs。 WTO Director-General Roberto·Azevedo said that the WTO is trying to avoid a trade war。 He warned that dialogue is the only way to solve the problem, if the United States does not choose dialogue, then other countries may take unilateral measures, triggering a domino effect。
Deutsche Presse-Agentur March 14 reported that the United States and Europe trade conflict loomed, the main Council of Europe Xitusike 14 urged the US trade talks resume。
Tusk said the Trump shouted: "Mr. President, we want trade, not war。 "Recently, Trump announced on imported steel and aluminum products imposed tariffs, triggering international condemnation, exacerbating fears of a trade war。