Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo has kicked off a rush to do 78 years of "big set"

  51st Products Expo kicked off today in Victoria Park。 (Junta wheat taken from the Hong Kong media) recently to "thousands of colors dazzling exhibition work" as the theme of the 51st Products Expo kicked off at Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong。 Total exhibition brings together more than 400 exhibitors, more than 880 booths, attracted a large number of citizens and tourists come to shop。
As the annual "big set", the exhibition enduring work, has become a Hong Kong cargo sweeping and tasting food, business promotional event of the year, but also to promote Hong Kong products, and promote industrial development in Hong Kong's brand activities。
  Exhibitors showcase goods。
(Junta wheat photo images from the Hong Kong media) lively show as a live better lives Products Expo this year has gone through 77 years, Hong Kong has been collecting, buying gifts for Christmas and New Year and New Year's "must visit"。
Work on this exhibition, the organizers and exhibitors to prepare a range of goods and a variety of programs, so that customers actually feel the annual shopping carnival。
  It is understood that this exhibition is divided into the main exhibition area of Hong Kong Brands Square, beverage area, area grain pasta, dried seafood soup area, beauty care area, clothing boutique area, home living areas, food courts, social enterprise zone, to promote district and economic and trade zone。 Conference organizers for customers of different ages specially arranged for the 12 theme days, including the elderly Aging day, family fun days, Christmas joy, a total of Qingyuan Dan and Japan。 In addition, customers can also enjoy shopping more than a colorful stage show, including Hong Kong Brands election, election show Miss workers, the workers show little ambassador trials, Booth Design Competition, Hong Kong Open photography contest, teenagers only ad Video Competition, teenagers create business opportunities, activities and prizes vote to win the grand prize game。   As the annual shopping carnival, exhibition work carried out at the beginning to attract a large number of residents and tourists come to visit, and more customers line up early in the morning to the Events。
According to Hong Kong media reports, Miss Wu family of four work together to show to buy daily necessities, Miss Wu shouted, "liquid laundry detergent worth buying", also bought abalone, rice flour, potato chips and coffee, spent about 2,500 yuan (HK $, under same) Shopping。
Liu said his wife spent nearly 5,000 yuan to buy seafood, oyster sauce, pasta, etc.。
He added that the exhibition hall the more people the more the night, had not now the crowds at 1 pm, and 4 pm but already packed, feel enthusiastic response。   After looting goods, but also offering offering gastronomy。
Products Expo continued milling around the food court this year, more stalls have introduced new products, including "abalone preserved meat rice", "abalone bacon pizza" and "crunchy sea salt snow fort", etc.。
Products Expo to carry out only two days, there are more than 2000 booths have been sold fish balls, businesses that go public spending efforts by the seafood cuisine。   On the eve of nine p.m. are already attracted more than 60 people lined up。 (Junta wheat photo images from the Hong Kong media) continuation of "workers show significant concern" empower the most vulnerable workers of this exhibition continues the implementation of previous years' work show significant care "program, to help vulnerable groups。
According to organizers, the exhibition coincides with this work will soon celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return, the exhibition will be held "return 20 set New Year's Eve music Delight" charity evening of December 31。
When the organizers of the party invited 2,500 low-income families free admission, and gift coupons worth HK $ 300 per person for the public to enjoy the fun of shopping。   Similar to "return 20 set New Year's Eve music joy" This is not the first public event held。
Since 2011, manufacturers will then begin to "work show significant care" program back to the community, workers use the exhibition platform to help disadvantaged。
Over the past four years, "Ministry Exhibition obvious care" has set aside more than 1300 million, helping more than 30,000 people difficult, four million yuan allocated to serve the community again this year。   One of the show's 50th work "Huizeshequn" campaign, was named Hong Kong "Hong Kong enjoy" campaign highlights 10 projects。 At 9:00 on January 2016 to 11:03, the workers show the embodiment of "special shopping" for more than 2,000 single-parent families in 18 districts of Hong Kong, elderly people living alone and people with disabilities rich offer, each received a HK $ 500 coupons, shopping cart and hand "each child" a。 There are quilts, sunglasses, towels, instant abalone within commonly known as "Lucky Bag" surprise gift package, all provided by the vendors and exhibitors will "own money"。
  Hong Kong has a long history as a famous brand exhibition It is understood that in the 1930s, Hong Kong manufacturers to do the show on Chinese goods sold in Southeast Asia, popular。 It was the Japanese invasion of China, Japan and many parts of Chinese goods are wantonly dumping。
Hong Kong's Chinese-owned manufacturers in order to arouse enthusiasm compatriots love to use domestic products, we decided to hold the exhibition domestics。 This is the cause of Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo。   In mid-1938, the first conducted in Hong Kong Products Expo, to showcase the achievements of Hong Kong Industries, to sell products manufactured in Hong Kong。
Since then, the workers show usually held in the form of large outdoor fairs on large tracts of land reclamation。 Products Expo will be held at each work exhibition Miss Election, Hong Kong beauty pageant beginning Cho。 For decades the show several ups and downs, but is committed to selling domestic products, our domestic purpose has not changed。 2015 24-day work show, the total sales of up to 900 million yuan, attracting millions of Hong Kong people and overseas tourists admission, made gratifying achievements。
Products Expo has become an annual event in Hong Kong's shopping and entertainment, well known household, by the public。
(Zhao Fengyan consolidate) Editor: Shao Yuxiang。