Shanghai push things action program for two years now industrial scale

  Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission issued the "Shanghai to promote industrial development action plan (2010-2012)" (hereinafter: the Program of Action)。 So far, in terms of the development of things, Shanghai became the first city throws with strong operational programs。
  Industry experts said the action plan based on the good things the development of Shanghai industrial base, planning the development of Shanghai Things objectives, development priorities, establish demonstration projects, with a strong operational。
National Science and Technology of the priority themes of Things (TheInternetofThings) refers to the object to achieve a comprehensive Internet network through the sensing equipment, means of communication, is the latest product of the application of information and communication technology, enabling real-time management and control of intelligent, thereby improving resource utilization rates and productivity, has become a key point of a new round of international competition in the information technology and the high ground。   China now has as a strategic emerging industry of things to be focusing on and promoting。 2006 Annual State Council issued the "National long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)" has been involved in the content of Things。
Clear that we must focus on breakthroughs in key technologies of things, after the early deployment of IP-related technology research and development, the information network when Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao November 3, 2009 in a speech entitled sector to the capital leading to technology for sustainable development of Chinese speech industry has become an engine promoting industrial upgrading, towards the information society。   Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other local governments have begun to pay close attention to layout。 Shanghai was the basis of the networking industry Although there are a number of cities nationwide have proposed the development of things, but Shanghai has an edge in the development of the Internet of Things technology research and development and industrial aggregate effect of other cities do not have。
The expert, who asked not to be named Shanghai Institute of Microsystem said yesterday that the latest released throughout the planning based on the advantages of Shanghai, the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem where the research and development of key technologies of things have a certain accumulation。
In addition Shanghai has accumulated key technologies, the Internet of things, it is crucial on the middle and lower reaches of the industrial facilities, Shanghai has a sensor chip, telecommunications and other industries, but also logistics, medicine and other relatively strong demand for industrial customers。
  Things opened the history of Shanghai, and Shanghai is the birthplace of one of the major domestic and applications, it has some basis in R & D and industrial applications。
In technology research and development, Eleventh Five-Year period, Shanghai relevant units undertaken more than 10 national and things related to science and technology major projects (mainly short-distance wireless communication technology); part of the research institutions to establish research teams in the wireless sensor network project , practical key technology breakthrough。   In terms of promoting standards, Shanghai is leading China to promote the standardization of wireless sensor networks and sensor network on behalf of China to participate in international standards working group, in addition, Shanghai has developed China's first local urban rail against terrorism anti-technology standards。
  In industrialization, Shanghai is an important base for the domestic information products manufacturing, it has formed integrated circuits, computers, communications equipment, information appliances based information product manufacturing industry group。
  IResearch Consulting analyst Liu Liang yesterday an interview with Post reporter, said that the Internet of Things industry chain is very complex, industrial division comparison system, Shanghai Earlier leadership in telecommunications, the Internet, IT integration and other aspects of manufacturing, this is Shanghai now the advantage of the development of things。
Some cities also mention the development of things, it may be different emphases, I think the future development of things are still good IT infrastructure Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing three cities。
  Liu Liang believes that Shanghai's maneuverability is very strong program of action, focusing on breakthroughs in key technologies sensors, chips, by way of promotion through demonstration projects, followed by the industry or specific areas can develop specific rules in accordance with the plan, Shanghai is currently the country the first throw cities such workable solutions。
Lack of core control equipment currently in the United States, Japan, Germany Things Korea and other countries have been applied in the retail, logistics, medical and other industries, especially the more common applications。 Liu Liang said that China was also on the development of things follow the international pace, some of Things applications already underway in Chinese cities, but China still lacks control over the core equipment, still on the core intellectual property higher threshold of the upstream device dependent on multinational corporations。
The Shanghai also lists a number of development priorities, which are required by the next major breakthroughs in terms of strong investment。
  According to the Shanghai program of action, advanced sensors, the core control chip, short-range wireless communications technology, networking and co-processing, systems integration and open platform technology, massive data management and mining are six development priorities。 Through technical research, patented or the solutions to market。 Push intend 30th aspect demonstration project in Shanghai are: to promote the use in the industry through demonstration zone or base things this way, to learn from experience, then the general promotion。 According to Shanghai action program planning, environmental monitoring, intelligent security ,, logistics management, building energy management, smart grid, medical, precise control of the ten areas of agriculture, the Expo area, demonstration areas and industrial base are listed first demonstration area。   According to the Program of Action, to promote demonstration projects in ten areas, explore and improve the mode of operation through demonstration projects, the formation of long-term operation of the mechanism will cause the country to play Shanghai Internet application model city。
  Target program of action are: Shanghai 2012, sensors, short-range wireless communications and communications and networking equipment, networking services and other key areas to form a certain scale of the industry; foster system integration and enterprise solutions in a number of influential domestic offer things operators and service business enterprise, supporting a number of leading business model, bringing together a group of independent innovation ability, the occupation of high-end technology expertise; forming a relatively complete industrial system of things and spatial layout; and by building demonstration project the implementation of standards, patent strategy, the initial realization of networking applications to enter the international advanced level in important areas closely related to people's livelihood and social development, and significantly improve the level of urban management。
  Liu Liang pointed out that to achieve this goal depends on policies at the application level depends on the individual acceptance。 In some important applications, to achieve cost has dropped significantly and can help to market。
I think a certain scale of the industry in 2012 in Shanghai, things can still achieve a form of。
(Author: Zhou Ling, Editor: Raymond)。