The central bank open one hundred million tickets livelihood peace in the move to pay the most stringent regulatory blowing wind | Central Bank

  The two institutions how serious penalty?Horizontal contrast look, first of all, after the central bank on the illegal activities of third-party payment institutions to open more ticket, rarely involved in banking; secondly, in terms of the amount confiscated, after the ticket size is generally tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, more than one million tickets are very rare, as only last year, easily COUPON pay fined 5.33 million。
  This is not only a rare pay "regular" – Bank fined, fined the amount is striking。
This also indicates that the central bank strict rectification of the payments industry, is no longer limited to third-party payment, including banks but entire payment industry。   Amount of the fine is three times the illegal income, the central bank announced that the work required to implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council on strengthening financial supervision, payment and settlement purge the market order, to prevent payment risks, the central bank in July 2017 to September, has on the people's livelihood Bank Xiamen branch (new payment and settlement center), Ping an Bank to carry out the payment and settlement business of law enforcement inspection。
  The investigation has revealed the existence of two banks in violation of liquidation management, the RMB bank settlement account management, non-financial institution payment service management and other illegal activities。 The central bank considering the illegal activities of the two banks facts, nature, circumstances and extent of social risk factors, according to "People's Republic of China People's Bank of China Law", "RMB bank settlement account management approach", "non-financial institution payment service management approach "and other laws and rules and regulations, be given a warning Minsheng Bank Xiamen branch (new payment and settlement center), shall be confiscated 48.42 million yuan, and impose a fine billion, the total amount of punishment billion; Ping An Bank be given a warning, confiscation of illegal gains 3.04 million yuan, a fine of 10.31 million yuan, 13.34 million yuan total amount of penalties。
  As can be seen, the central bank confiscated amount of these two banks is "fines + confiscate the illegal income", where fines amounting to about three times the illegal income of。   After the incident, Minsheng Bank official told reporters, according to central bank requirements, to ensure that Minsheng Bank for the payment of business compliance and healthy development, the bank has implemented a number of corrective work: First, the revocation of the Xiamen branch of the emerging payment and settlement center; the second is the establishment of the head office of corrective steering group to carry out a comprehensive reform of the central business; Third, standardization at the head office level, administrations payment-related business by strengthening business and technology management, optimizing system functionality and other means to further strengthen the Bank Internet for。 Currently according to People's Bank of China has been fully completed rectification requirements。
  The official said the bank would continue according to the latest central bank spirit of the document on payment and settlement, clearing business, strict implementation of regulatory requirements, to carry out all kinds of standardized payment and settlement business。
  Ping An Bank also said, "I line has been fully completed rectification and optimization required for special inspection, and will further strengthen the internal and external management of payment and settlement business, improve business operations and risk management capability to provide customers with better payment and settlement service。 "The central bank also said the terms of the next step, the central bank will continue in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, continue to strengthen market supervision and payment and settlement, payment and settlement severely punish illegal acts to protect the payments market sustained, stable and healthy development。   Earlier the bank is also due to pay penalty this year, Minsheng Bank Xiamen Branch and Ping An Bank is not the only reason the two banks of the penalty payment services。
February 23, Jinan Branch, Jinan Branch for violation of the relevant provisions of payment and settlement business is a ticket to eat。 Among them, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Jinan branch is "a warning, confiscation of dollars"; Huaxia Bank Jinan Branch were "warning, confiscation of dollars"。   Interestingly, despite the Minsheng Bank and Ping An Bank Xiamen Branch billion yuan and were sentenced to more than ten million yuan big ticket, but only to be given a "warning", by contrast, some third-party payment agencies for illegal violations will directly be "written off" payment license。
  There are reports indicate that the central bank has written off a total of 24 third-party payment there is a cancellation of 19 in 2017。 Among them, nine third-party payment companies because of non-compliance will not be renewed, 10 is due to the business combination is written off。
  In terms of the amount confiscated, only the total amount confiscated two banks last year, which is about seven times the total amount of fines paid。
According to incomplete statistics, since 2017, the central bank out of a total of 94 tickets, which contains a total of 67 payment companies, the cumulative fines amounting to about 25 million yuan。
  Confusingly, the central bank did not elaborate on the specific penalties to be paid in accordance with the ticket, even if the two banks confiscated amount is so large, still without making further explanation。   According to brokerage Chinese reporters, "People's Republic of China People's Bank of China," the central bank announcement mentioned in the "RMB bank settlement account management approach", "non-financial institution payment service management approach" three laws and regulations review found that such a high confiscated the amount of punishment in accordance with the laws and regulations in three and no compatible。
For example, if the bank illegal "RMB bank settlement account management approach" maximum fine of 300,000。
  However, despite the central bank did not explain in detail exactly why Minsheng Bank Xiamen Branch and Ping An Bank fined, but the announcement referred to in the two banks manage illegal clearing and non-financial payment service management approach, presumably, or because the two banks there are significant irregularities cooperation with third-party payment institutions fined。   Previously, the payment institution is punishable by heavy fines, mostly because of violation of the relevant provisions of anti-money laundering。
As the beginning of 2018, Symbol Technologies for violating money laundering regulations fined 1.9 million yuan, and the two persons responsible were fined 20,000, 30,000 yuan。 October 2017, Beijing Branch of livelihood due to a number of serious violations of anti-money laundering regulations, fined 1.1 million; December the same year, Wellink pay fined 1.38 million, is one of the reasons hindering anti-money laundering checks。   "Yes penalties for violations of anti-money laundering regulations heavier, common violation of the payment business and acquiring business requirements, generally 3-5 million fine, while the basic anti-money laundering of 20 million cases。 "Beijing a third-party payment mechanism practitioners said。   Payment industry exist three risks, the central bank supervision and then upgrade the last two years, with the payment industry's increasing chaos, the central bank also increase penalties for the payments industry, fines and forfeiture of the total amount has increased steadily。
Payment industry-wide compliance risk, financial risk and other issues, but also makes the governing body regulations promulgated as soon as possible to pay an increasing demand。   Central Branch of Bank of Hangzhou Yin Xingshan president recently in an interview with Chinese reporters interview the broker pointed out that in recent years, China's payment industry developed rapidly, providing the public with efficient, convenient, rich pay for products and services, to promote financial innovation and rapid economic development played an important role, but at the same time, the payments industry there have been some chaos and potential risks。
The main risks include: First, compliance risk。
Currently there are still some institutions follow established rules, barbaric growth, disorderly competition。
  The second is financial risk。 In the market, individual payment institutions reserve the risk of misappropriation of client events still occur。   Third, the technical risk。
Payment industry as a financial infrastructure, the safe operation of their systems and maintenance is very important, because if the individual system management, operation and maintenance caused by improper risk, which could be a source of systemic risk。   From the beginning of 2016, the central bank, the State Council issued a document after another, severely rectify market chaos of ideas payment has been set, especially at the end of 2017, the central bank focused on introduction of a series of documents, direct banking model for non-bank payment institutions, operating without a license terms of payment services, to carry out payment services innovation, institutional clients reserve adjustment payment, payment services and other harsh scan code legislation。
  Dong Zheng credit card industry researchers say, to pay for the introduction of a series of norms and regulatory measures the industry, you can see the central banks and regulatory authorities to rectify the payment industry chaos, pain, heavy penalties applied to the determination of the payment industry, while any reference to funding the transaction, transfer, settlement and other links into the category of strong supervision。 2018 must be a strong regulation of the payments industry, can be seen from all indications, regulatory authorities will continue to increase the intensity of supervision and rectification of the payments industry, Yin Xingshan pointed out that to prevent and mitigate the risk of payment industry, should be the following four aspects: First, improve the mechanism。
Further improve the legal framework for payment and settlement, payment institutions to promote the introduction of regulations supervision, and promote the introduction of high-level legislation and implementation。
From the source prevention and control, monitoring things, disciplinary violations and many other build a comprehensive regulatory system, strengthen supervision transmissive。   Second, rich means。 The new technology effectively utilize big data analytics, cloud computing and other new methods, abundant means of supervision, improve the efficiency of supervision, supervision of the implementation of precision。   The third is to strengthen the foundation。 Through scientific planning the layout for optimization, etc., to promote the development of high-quality payment industry, to guide market players to strengthen security awareness, emergency management to increase efforts to build a secure payment "bastion"。
  Fourth, discipline law。
For operating without a license, misappropriation of funds, reselling information, seriously disrupted the market order, illegal acts against the interests of consumers, should be severely punished according to law dealt with severely。