Hong Kong Customs seized two of HK $ 1.35 million counterfeit cosmetics and skin care products

Hong Kong Customs seized two of HK $ 1.35 million counterfeit cosmetics and skin care products || Hong Kong Customs Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau seized counterfeit 何珮珊 show South Korean cosmetics。
(Figure: Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" / Chen Zhuo Kangshe) BEIJING, April 8, according to Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" report, Ms. sought after by the international cosmetic brand on the Internet in recent years, the emergence of counterfeit goods, Hong Kong Customs cracked 51 in the past two years, worth about 1.35 million yuan (HK $, the same below) in the case of counterfeit cosmetics and skin care products, selling through the internet more than half。
Because of genuine trademark holders and more living overseas, time-consuming filing to the Hong Kong Customs, last year set up the Customs' electronic filing focal point "applications as video conferencing and 3D printing technology, save the person handling procedures to speed up the efficiency of law enforcement。   Hong Kong Customs since March 2013 to the end of February this year, the market cracked 51 cases of counterfeit cosmetics and skin care products, arrested 74 people and seized 18,160 counterfeit goods, worth about 135 million yuan, mainly the United States, France and Japan brand。
  Customs Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau 何珮珊 pointed out that in recent years more than half of counterfeit cosmetics selling through the Internet, quality, packaging and design with genuine a clear distinction between genuine about the series never launched counterfeit packaging。
  何珮珊 said it has registered intellectual property rights overseas brands need to complete filing procedures, to submit guidelines to identify the authenticity of goods, customs basis only investigation and enforcement, but in the past the need for the middleman through the consulate by the trademark holder, sent personally carry genuine arriving handle, or by express genuine goods to Hong Kong, often spend hundreds of ten days, so that when the limit exhibitions found out about counterfeiting, customs no time for filing the brand "apprenticeship unnamed"。   Customs In view of this, in April last year spent 900,000 yuan establishment of "electronic filing focal point" for online filing, the parties may be convened video conference, face to face itemized details of the dismantling of the difference between real fake。 As commodities have fixed shape, brand owners can trade in product design three-dimensional file transfer to the customs, the three-dimensional printers in the center about 1 hour can be made of plaster samples, so that the Customs, "according to Version cook bowl" that field and counterfeit goods Comparison。   The year before last October has successfully produced curlers plaster model, arrested for selling fake beauty exhibition curlers seller。
40 trademark filing last year handled by the Customs, there are five electrons in the center of the record。