Something about the data: 33-year-old James Wong and most efficient to create a career record

  Beijing time on March 6, today 2017–18 season, regular season to continue, a total of seven games Here are some interesting data that appear in a few games。   Today LeBron – James played only 28 minutes 44 seconds, you get a game-high 31 points and the Cavaliers beat the Pistons rate。
Career to date, including the playoffs, including James scoring 30 + a total of 519 games, including playing time in this field is minimal。
  At age 33, James scored 30 + has become the only case of this season after at least 30 years of age, is still a player played less than 30 minutes。 When the road last season, James is only two to play one of these manifestations of the age of 30 years old players, the other person is also played for the Lakers – Williams。
  Today, although Victor – Oladipo errors of up to 10 times, the Pacers still 92-89 victory over the Bucks。 Now, in all of last season and this season have played at least 50 games players, Oladipo is scoring the highest increase, but also the turnovers increase (times last season, twice, three times this season) 3 high, second only to Caris – Le Weite and Torian – Prince。   Today on the first section of the Celtics 35-16 to lead the Bulls, and ultimately also easy road victory。 The last time the Celtics leading the first section of the Bulls many points, or in the March 8, 1989, the day – Michael Jordan missed a game the only time before and after five seasons (1986-871990-91 to), resulting in the first section of the Bulls Take 19-38 behind。
  In today's 100-98 victory over the Spurs Grizzlies, Tony – Tony Parker scored 23 points off the bench。 The last game in the winning points difference only in one round of in such a high score of the Spurs bench, Manu December 31, 2014 – The Ginobili。
The day he came off the bench to get 26 points, the Spurs to 95-93 when added to win over Pelican。
  Today Rudy – Goebel had 21 points and 17 rebounds, the audience are all the highest rate Jazz beat the Magic。
This is the fourth time Goebbels NBA career scoring and rebounding are led audience, Jazz 4 victory。   Today the Heat beat the Suns, Hassan – Whiteside had 24 points and 14 rebounds, 10 of 13 shots (% hit rate)。
Single-game to hit rate is not less than 75% of the vote in 10 balls, at least under and grab 12 rebounds, this is the season in terms of Whiteside third, tying Andre – Drummond and Dean Andre – Jordan, tied for first in the league。 (Demons)。