Spring weight loss drink tea?The five models most suitable for spring tea

  Spring weight loss drink tea is good?The spring season, you start to lose weight yet?Here to recommend 5 tea, look at together。   Chrysanthemum tea – clear fire, the most convenient diet drinks raw materials: several flower dried chrysanthemum。
  Method: Direct brew with hot water。
  Efficacy: Qingshu fever detoxification, elimination of fat, blood pressure。   Oolong tea – dry stool, drinking oolong tea has a laxative effect Ingredients: Oolong tea approach: simply use the open water。   Effect: aid digestion, Qu Tan, greasy detoxification, Cellulite。   Hawthorn Tea – Hawthorn tea like meat on obese people more suitable raw materials: 10 grams of Hawthorn。   Practices: boiling water。   Effect: Can remove grease, help the body excrete waste, loose silt phlegm。
  Barley bud – abdominal distension and bloating beneficial ingredients: fried malt 5 money, Hawthorn 5 points。
  Method: Add Bingtang Shui brewed into tea。
  Efficacy: appetite, and lower gas, digestion in addition to inflation。   Lemon Tea – Cellulite, to greasy, skin whitening ingredients: lemon slices。   Approach: squeeze lemon juice, reconstituted with warm water, add honey。
  Effectiveness: Less fat, aid digestion, skin whitening, nourishing the heart。   Spring weight loss drink tea, slimming tea recommend 5!  1 pay attention to what matters, since the tea drink tea head over contamination of pesticides and other harmful substances in cultivation and processing, tea always have a residual surface, so that the head cleaning action over the tea drink should be discarded。   2, not fasting fasting gastric juice can be diluted to reduce digestion, water absorption rate, resulting in a large number of tea undesirable components into the blood, causing dizziness, palpitation, weakness in limbs and other symptoms。   3, should not drink tea because the new new tea store a short time, contains more polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols such as unoxidized material, there is a strong stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, easy to induce stomach。 So the new tea should drink less, less than half of the new store should avoid drinking tea。   4, not immediately after a meal tea contains large amounts of tannic acid, tannic acid can react with iron in food, generate new substances difficult to dissolve over time cause iron deficiency, and even induce anemia。
  The correct way is: Take one hour before。
  5, the evening should drink weak tea is best to drink tea at night。
Because green tea is not fermented tea belongs to a higher polyphenol content, stimulating strong, black tea is fully fermented tea, irritating weak。
Especially for people who are weak stomach, add a little milk, can play a role in stomach temperature when drinking tea。
  To put less tea pm, do not get too thick bubble tea。 Preferably after dinner drink, fasting tea is easy to inhibit gastric secretion, impede digestion, can also cause severe palpitations, headaches and other "tea drunk" phenomenon。
  Usually more sensitive or easily agitated mood, poor sleep and people with weak body, night or to drink less or not drink tea is appropriate。
  6, during the menstrual period should not be in, especially drink tea, can precipitate or aggravate menstrual syndrome。
Medical experts found that, compared with non-tea drinkers, tea habits menstrual stress disorder have a higher chance of times, drinking tea more than four cups a day, an increase of 3 times。