What is the best way to lose weight?Little secret about weight loss

What is the best way to lose weight?Everyone wants to be able to quickly lean down, but the reality is often not so easy, then the best way to lose weight in the end what is it?How to lose weight is the most effective way?Dieting?No, single-handedly develop physical fitness, the best way to lose weight is never done overnight。The weight loss methods can never be only one, the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome, how to cut, can not be reduced depends on your own there is no ability, to eat the fat, little by little to pull out。
Some little secret about exercise to lose weight no less often to do some endurance sports, that is, aerobic exercise can help you burn more calories, but also exercise the circulatory system。
Some people like to do anaerobic exercise, but in the absence of oxygen can not burn fat, can only help build muscle, so do not do too much intense exercise。
Most people give up on a diet to lose weight and are based on the traditional way of dieting, but if all of a sudden reduction in calories too much, there may be a pre-significant weight loss, but will be significantly reduced basal metabolic rate for some time, but will weight continuing decline。
Therefore, the first principle is not to starve to lose weight。If you give up a diet would not know how to lose weight, then you can staple food with whole grains, and then with some fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking methods you can use boiled or steamed。
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