Yang Liwei Members: military and civilian science and technology to accelerate collaborative innovation

  Yang Liwei suggestion: plan for science and technology project planning, the military and the relevant departments to share information, create synergy, avoid duplication of inefficient investment; to explore the establishment of full competition and incentives to ensure that all types of high-quality R & D capability can competing against the survival of the fittest; to for all kinds of major experimental facilities, major scientific instruments centralized catalog and publish information sharing, sharing of information resources to get through military and civilian channels; to establish a new platform for military and civilian scientific and technological achievements, positive interaction of science and technology inputs and outputs; to accelerate the development of military and civilian scientific and technological achievements transfer and transformation of the specialized agencies and personnel, systems, professional, scientific management "people to join the army," "conversion" scientific and technological achievements, design and reasonable distribution of benefits system to encourage two-way transfer of military and civilian scientific and technological achievements transformation。   Yang said that from the early stages of technology development, we should fully butt demand for both military and civilian, give full play to the role of traction needs, to avoid missing important opportunities for development in the process towards application of。