Gout "nemesis", a cup a day, cure gout years old (1)

  Is an ancient disease, often associated with high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other aggregation occurred。Severe joint deformity occurs gout, kidney damage, and even life-threatening。Gout in the past is in the prone, and is now gradually younger, many young people also tortured。The daily life of our how to prevent gout, pain relief, it?Today to recommend a rural grass everywhere – plantain!  Plantain fields everywhere in between, even in the busiest city street space, can also be seen plantain figure, it can also tenacious growth in cement, which is really deplorable exuberant vitality!Night network had seen in the "Materia Medica words" in the "Plantago and getting a medicinal, can dampness line gas, transports enough healthy knee, the test should also have speed," From this statement, we can see, plantain is able to prevent ventilation!At the same time, it also has diuretic, expectorant cough role!  In the "medicinal perish" that plantain "can go wind poison"; since plantain and child can control, then what have some kind of formula do?In fact, plantain in dealing with gout, prescription often very simple, is it so simple a few herbs, you can play a certain role。  Plantain grass drink before taking control of the therapeutic side dry plantain plantain 30?60 grams fresh are doubled, decoction two doses, one day for taking medication in the medication 12, respectively?15 days of symptom relief。
  100 grams of rice porridge Plantago, Plantago 25 grams。
First panning clean spare。Plantago wrapped with gauze, into the pot, add some water, boil for 15 minutes after the Plantago remove and then panning good cooked rice into the pot, cooked can put less the sugar, you can eat。  Plantago psyllium with 10 grams of tea, pick impurities, then cleaned, dried, spare。When needed, Plantago put on the pot and cook for 5 minutes, until slightly warm when drinking。  Before Smilax Smilax car drink special medicine is prevention, better, coupled with the use of the plantain, the better。
When used, car plantain, soil Poria 15 grams, add boiling water behalf of the tea。  Money car before tea loosestrife has the effect of diuresis Tonglin, detoxification, stasis swelling, etc., can be described as good medicine blindly for stones, and plantain match, but also for good with。
  In addition, it can also be used to boil water plantain feet。  Plantain in the prevention and treatment, sometimes with grass, sometimes with a child, but in general you can use the whole plant。
So blindly roadside weeds can fight gout, gout patients for it really convenient。
  But there are some caveats, one plantain Plantago herbs and somewhat cold, it is recommended to use the right amount, not excessive use, if it is not quite stomach function of good people or people who belong to cold constitution, not suitable car and Plantago asiatica。