Do aerobic exercise "deification", and be careful not worth the candle!

There are many fitness enthusiasts are very fond of aerobic exercise, especially weight loss, most people will be using aerobic way。
Aerobic exercise does have many benefits, we can improve heart and lung function, balance blood pressure, reduce the probability of suffering from cardiovascular disease, but also can promote the body to secrete amine polyphenols, reduce stress, improve mood, including weight loss。
However, too much oxygen may also cause muscle dissolution, so I want to go more smoothly, we need to really understand the aerobic fat loss on the road, to avoid misconceptions。Due to a misunderstanding must do aerobic aerobic exercise is generally time-consuming, so many newcomers believe that cardio is the most tired, I want to do first aerobic, strength training to do, otherwise it will not finish。
However, scientific training should be the first order of aerobic power, this fat loss effect was the best, because strength training very time consuming effort, only to ensure energetic, high-intensity training can。
If do first aerobic, aerobic particularly long time, then do strength training, you can not complete the action efficient because it is already not very good strength to the action。The first strength training, even if high strength, impact aerobics is not great, as long as the heart and lung capacity and endurance is good enough, you can complete aerobic training。
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