Two dollars off of it can escape gynecological diseases?

  Gynecological diseases has now become a killer of women's health, since most women keep their time and energy on her career above, basically no time to pay attention to changes in your body, even the advent of gynecological diseases quietly there is no perception。What do you know moxa smoked authenticity go gynecological diseases do Here's a look at how moxa help you get rid of gynecological diseases。  Moxa smoked gynecological diseases you have to go find their own private parts appeared abnormal do not feel there is some small disease then it is always capricious women who should be wary of it, maybe gynecological diseases are quietly walked like you, have healthy body, in order to better the life and work。  We have fungal vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, inexplicable genital itching, hemorrhoids / anal itching plague sisters, estimates of medication you take medicine, wash wash, plug the plug, the result of disease recurrence or relapse , and repeatedly, not all day, right my favorite lazy to help find ideas, to find product, I now find a way to treat gynecological problems a few sisters smoked personal experience with the leaves, because you can make a simple guess we do to continue treatment, I need to tell the integration of written sisters, I hope you will soon health, gynecological diseases to be no real "clean" Women。
Leaves smoked moxibustion treatment methods are as follows 1 this time has no specified time, the estimated time is now about 10-30 minutes, the length of time the individual is according to their own set of circumstances, there is according to your lower body feeling to judge your time, but not too short or too long。
  2 by an amount moxibustion moxa inch long segment was cut into about moxa, one at a time, so that not too hot.After the half-way up and back with a。  3 moxibustion Appliances: mosquito coils / barrel / dress mosquito coils: 2 yuan generally commercially available, for containing Ai segment。
  Plastic bucket: with the number of fat people can use cask.Mosquito coils and for holding tobacco leaves to centralize。
  Dress: This method can prevent the leaves taste all distributed out, resulting in the effect is not very good, so that you can wear dress smoked, put the barrel to cover all, you can bring your own and enjoy the magic leaves alone effectiveness。DETAILED 4 moxa fumigation with scissors to cut into small pieces (say sisters break apart by hand), for the period of about an inch long.First lit a mosquito on the disk, and then put together again in No. bucket, wearing a long red skirt lower body naked, sitting on barrels, so that the bucket of leaves smoke license to kiss your "sister" it。Barrel is sitting lax, do not worry moxa will destroy.The middle will feel hot, a station will sit on the line.Moxa feel inappropriate location can manually tune about。
  Addressed in the moxa, please purchase handmade moxa, there Ai segment sells handmade, and save time cutting paper segment, do not purchase drugs moxa, whether it is clear moxa or medicine moxa, purity are more low smoke on miscellaneous taste too complicated, so treat "sister" as far as possible with a pure treat it; because you are a long-term use ah, or with a good bar.Pure moxa there is a benefit, it will be completely burned off..After combustion is gray, rather than black as the carbon。  This method has been used in several group and sisters, one of them said: the treatment of fungal effect is not words, that great smoke fungicidal.There are sisters suggested that: If the body can also be smoked in buckets, just get hold of small sheets from the neck began to wrap up.Like this little house smoke.A person can own operation。
  Note: Do not smoke immediately after a shower, one will be cold, and second, will reduce the efficacy of。
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