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[Eating ginger in the morning]_Eating ginger_Morning_Concentration

[Eating ginger in the morning]_Eating ginger_Morning_Concentration

Studies have found that ginger is a food with extremely high nutritional value, which can be used as an adjunct and can also be eaten. Consistently eating in the morning can achieve the effects of colds, bile duct stones, and liver function protection, but it is best not to eat it at night, otherwiseAffect sleep quality.

First, there are three major health effects of eating ginger in the morning. One is not to catch a cold, the other is to stay away from bile duct stones, and the third is to protect liver function.

The method of containing ginger is to scrape the ginger (the ginger is cold), cut four or five slices of ginger a day (cut as thin as a thick paper, cut too thick, and spicy) and put them in a bowl.

Get up every morning, first drink a cup of boiling water, and then rinse the bowl with ginger flakes to sterilize it. Then put the ginger flakes in your mouth and chew slowly.
For 30 minutes, bite the ginger slice to let the scent of ginger circulate in the mouth and spread to the stomach and the nostrils.

Second, why it is not appropriate to eat ginger at night. There is a yin and yang part of the day. From midnight, the yang in nature gradually rises to the strongest at noon.

At noon, the Yang Qi weakens gradually until the midnight Yang Qi is the weakest and Yin Qi is the worst.

After midnight, Yang Qi gradually recovered.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that heaven and man should respond accordingly. They should be active during the day when the yang is strong. Warm-tonic drugs can help yang to develop, and can take appropriate positive (warm) food, such as ginger.

When the yin gradually grows at night, the yang will converge and cannot be as excited as during the day. At this time, if too much warm food or supplements are overlapped, it will affect sleep and affect the body’s anabolic metabolism, which is not conducive to the body’s self after exertion.Repair, harmful to the body.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is good to eat ginger during the day, and it is not advisable to eat ginger at night.

Ginger is a natural anti-aging food. Even Confucius at the end of the spring and autumn period used ginger to maintain health and prolong life.

Now everyone knows the benefits of ginger, but you also need to know how to consume ginger to maximize its health benefits. Experts recommend that ginger be consumed in the morning, not at night.

Third, drink ginger tea to warm the stomach and dispel cold, but also increase resistance. The folk has been saying that “ginger cures all diseases,” because ginger contains gingerol, gingerene, phlene, citral and other oily volatile oils, and gingerSpicy hormone, resin, starch, and fiber can alleviate fatigue, anorexia, insomnia, and abdominal distension.