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[Cold celery]_cold celery_how to eat_how to eat

[Cold celery]_cold celery_how to eat_how to eat

Celery is also the celery we said. Actually, celery is suitable for cold dressing, because if you copy it with meat, the nutrients contained in it are easily lost, so we will introduce to you a method of cold celery.


Remove the older part of the celery first and cut into smaller pieces.


Place the chopped celery in the boiling water pot with salt for about 2 minutes, depending on whether you like it, whether it is cooked or raw.

The practice of cold celery step 3 3.

Quickly remove and add cold water to keep the celery crisp.

Step 4 of cold celery.

Drain the water into a bowl, then scallion oil, my daughter and I like the smell of green onions.

Step 5 of cold celery.

The small fire slowly smashed the shallot oil, being careful of the onion.

The practice of cold celery step 6 6.

Pour the scallion oil into the bowl, the appropriate amount of fresh June soy sauce, vinegar, chicken essence, sugar, and finally add the sesame oil and mix well.

Step 7 of cold celery.

A large bowl of scallion and delicious celery is complete.