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Decoration is too luxury insomnia entangles you_1

Decoration is too “luxury” insomnia entangles you

If a day’s sleep quality is not good, it will not only affect the working mood of the next day, but also affect your health in the long run, and the furnishings of your bedroom will affect your sleep quality.
Want to improve your sleep quality?
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  Poor sleep quality, arthritis, cervical spondylosis, and respiratory diseases have become common diseases in families in recent years, and the age of onset is young.
But most people basically just find solutions from eating, drinking, and exercising, ignoring the factors of indoor environment health, and even some young people do not pay attention to housing choices and improper furnishings to find fashionable home decor, which may bring hidden danger to health.
To this end, experts remind citizens to understand the misunderstandings in this area as soon as possible, and increase their knowledge of “home health”.
  The head of the bed was facing the external wall. The hidden danger of the disease was buried. Mr. Zhang bought a new house. He saw that the newly designed houses had low sills, and he wanted to place the big bed against the low sill.
He felt that the ventilation was more unobstructed.
Unexpectedly, he could hardly sleep after living in a new house.
It turned out that although the area of the bedside had increased, various lights and sounds at night often awakened him and affected sleep.
  Related experts point out: Generally speaking, the walls of a house can be divided into external walls and internal walls.
The head of the bed facing the outer wall (adjacent to the outdoor) tends to have high humidity and large temperature difference; the inner wall (divided indoor rooms) has low relative humidity and small temperature difference. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep on the head of the bed against the inner wall and not to sleep on the corner.Not easy to get sick.
For young people, they may not feel any discomfort when sleeping against the external wall, but when they are old, chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis and rheumatism may occur.
  装饰太复杂 易干扰睡眠  时尚的李小姐将每次出差旅游时选购的陶瓷器具、木雕制品、巨型折扇和羊皮牛角,包括木刀木叉等装饰物品全部陈设于客厅和室内,可当她住进A few weeks after the new house, I was inexplicably upset.
Even when reading a book in the study room, he couldn’t rest his mind and couldn’t get in.
  The doctor said that the decoration of the house should not be too complicated, and the color should conform to the function of the living room.
For example, moderate red light can give people a sense of warmth; but using too bright tones in the bedroom can affect sleep quality.
At the same time, do not use too exaggerated jewelry on the bedside of the bed, otherwise it is easy to frighten yourself and cause adverse effects when you wake up at night.
  In the bedroom, do not equip high-powered audio and video systems, and receive too intense sensory stimuli before going to bed, causing people to be too excited, which will interfere with sleep and cause the adverse consequences of difficulty falling asleep.
  In addition, some plants should be placed in the bedroom, mainly small, flowers that are not too colorful and do not have special smells. Do not choose poinsettia, thorny tiger thorn and flowers with too much pollen.
A basin of spider plant can be placed on the closet, which not only takes up space, but also can beautify the environment and improve indoor air.