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7 changes in the feet indicate that the person is old, so the massage is more comfortable than the feet!


7 changes in the feet indicate that “the person is old”, so the massage is more comfortable than the feet!

Pointing to the face and the care of the hair, our attention to the feet is really pitiful.

The feet are like a pair of diligent “old ox”, carrying the weight of the body and taking us to the square.

But as you get older, your feet will grow older.

Give up ten minutes a day to care for your feet and let them “retire” later.

These changes in the foot indicate that the aging American “Prevention” magazine counted seven changes in aging of the feet and can alleviate the countermeasures.

1, the skin becomes dry and aging age increases, the supply of collagen decreases, which makes the toes easy to dry and crack.

[Countermeasure]Keeping the body full of water and developing the habit of applying moisturizer twice to the feet every day can reverse this trend.

2, the back of the foot flattened through the passage of time, the ligaments of the soles of the feet will collapse, making the arch more curved and the feet flat.

The body of the elderly tends to lose balance and prevent joint sprains from happening again.

[Countermeasures]Do some exercise exercises that can enhance the strength of the joints, such as the reduction of the foot and the tip of the toes, which can enhance the stability of the body.

3, toe bending all year round wearing high heels will increase the risk of suffering from the toenail, that is, the permanent toe of the small toe.

Since the curved toes are always caught in the shoes, serious corns and calluses will grow.

[Countermeasures]In order to prevent and reduce the toenoids, you can pad the corns or the old man, change the shoes with the toe nails, or choose flat shoes made of soft fabric.

4, the wounds become more age-related diabetes, venous disease, can lead to blood flow to the feet, which leads to slower healing of the blisters caused by wounds and wearing new shoes.

Coupled with nerve damage, the patient does not even notice the worsening infection, resulting in an ulcer that cannot heal.

[Countermeasure]If you have the above chronic diseases, you need to pay close attention to your foot health.

Check your feet every night to treat breaks and bruises in a timely manner.

5, slightly thinned soles of vibrant collagen, elastin and light tissue.

As we age, the amount of collagen produced decreases, the pad becomes thinner, and the buffering effect is diminished.

Without this cushion, your feet will feel good in the morning, but it will be sore at night, because you basically use “bones” to walk.

[Countermeasure]Wear comfortable shoes with good cushioning properties and insert them into the insole if necessary.

6, joint pain and feet have 30 joints, their function will degenerate with age.

Arthritis most often attacks the joints of the big toe or the middle of the foot. In addition to the pain, the morning begins to cause stiffness.

[Countermeasure]If the patient is overweight, exercise and weight loss can help.

At the same time, it is recommended to take medication according to the doctor’s advice to treat hip and knee arthritis.

7. Decreased flexibility If an elderly person feels that his feet are not so soft and flexible during exercise, it is likely to be an increase in age, and the water content in the tendon will decrease, causing the joints to be tight and stiff.

This can lead to bending and bending, which increases the risk of tearing and breaking of the tendon.

[Countermeasure]If you have a history of Achilles tendon injury, do 10 minutes of foot strength training every day, such as lifting the heel after falling, can prevent its recurrence.

A set of massage exercises to maintain the feet from the theory of Chinese medicine, the foot is also an important part of the body’s meridians and acupuncture points.

Often massage, can strengthen the body’s blood circulation, dredge the meridians.

By tapping the sole of the foot and giving the foot a proper stimulus by tapping, it can promote the metabolism of the whole body and relieve fatigue.

Sit on a bed or chair and place your feet on the alignment of the other leg.

Use your fist to rhythmically strike your foot and the surrounding area. The force is a little painful. Each foot is knocked about 100 times.

Rubbing the soles of the feet and closing them together to promote blood circulation and improve sleep.

Lying on the bed, the feet and feet are stuck together, rubbing each other about 20 times.

Feet on tennis with tennis balls to stimulate the soles of the feet, which can alleviate foot fatigue and is suitable for people who walk and step on the station.

You may feel sore when you try for the first time. If you insist on it, you will feel comfortable after 10 minutes.

Implantation of acupuncture points on the heels of the heel on both sides of the heel can relieve heel pain and nourish yin and kidney.Often press the Yongquan point, which helps to promote sleep and enhance disease prevention.

Insert your finger into the acupuncture point. It is better to feel soreness. Release 2 after each insertion for 5 seconds.
3 seconds, then insert again.

Shake your feet on your back, let your feet shake in the air, and then move your feet like a bicycle.

Continue for 5?
6 minutes, help improve blood circulation, while reducing the muscles in the abdomen and fractures of the legs, eliminating leg fatigue.