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Have you misunderstood your baby’s wound treatment?

Have you misunderstood your baby’s wound treatment?

[Introduction]Although for some small wounds, a cute piece of tape and a few words of comfort can soothe your baby, but sometimes you ca n’t ignore these small wounds as a mom and dad. You need to know some basic knowledgeTreat your baby’s wounds to heal faster.

  Myth # 1: Use hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound. Hydrogen peroxide may actually be toxic to some healing cells of the wound.

Many parents may think that the bubbles of hydrogen peroxide on the wound surface are cleaning the baby’s wound, but this is actually harmful to the baby’s skin.

If you want to clean your baby’s wounds, it is best to use pure water or buy some salt-based disinfectant at the pharmacy.

  Mistake 2: The pus from the wound indicates its appearance. In fact, some yellow pus exuding from the wound before the wound is crusted is normal, which indicates that the body is trying to protect the wound by forming a scab on the surface of the wound.

However, if pus exudates after the wound has formed, it is necessary to pay attention to it, which may be the symptoms of inflammation.

  Myth 3: Wounds should be exposed to the air. Wrapping them with a bandage can help keep them clean.

At the same time, it can also prevent the baby from scratching the lumps with his fingers, which can cause resonance when the hand touches the wound. Experts also recommend that parents should replace the bandages once a day.

  Myth 4: If the wound is itchy, it indicates that the wound is healing. Although the skin around the wound will begin to polymerize, the skin will be a little oxygen, but the oxygen around the wound may be caused by allergies to the ointment or inflammation caused by yeast.

  Misunderstanding 5: It is best to move quickly when removing the bandage. If the adhesive tape on the wound is removed too quickly, it may cause the wound to tear again.

You should slowly tear off the tape along the direction of hair growth. If the tape is difficult to remove, you can try tapping around the tape with alcohol or water to make the adhesive loose.

  Myth 6: Some wounds take a long time to heal. Most wounds can basically heal within two weeks, and some wounds can heal within five seconds.

But if you have a pus and a swollen wound, you need to see a doctor.

  Although for some small wounds, a piece of cute tape and a few words of comfort can soothe your baby, but sometimes you ca n’t ignore these small wounds as a father and mother. You need to understand some basic knowledge of handling your babyWound healing accelerates healing.