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Setion Barcelona’s first small victory, Messi presents 500 games for the coach

Messi scored the only goal in the game.Figure / Sports In the 20th round of La Liga this morning, Barcelona beat Granada 1-0 at home.Barcelona’s new coach, Setion, has just completed his first coaching show in Barcelona and has ushered in a great start.Barcelona’s recent league performance has been poor, with only one victory in the last four rounds, Valverde has no choice but to leave school.The new coach Seti Tien coach Barcelona’s first show became the focus, whether he can lead the team out of the predicament has attracted much attention.It is reported that this happened to be the 500th gradual step in Settin’s ten-year coaching career.According to statistics, in 499 games coached by his Air Force, he led his team to 187 victories, another 143 draws and 169 losses.In the whole game, although Barcelona has always occupied the initiative and mastered most of the ball rights, it has never been able to find a breakthrough into the opponent’s gate.Until the 74th minute, Messi launched the offensive, Gleizman made a diagonal pass, Vidal’s heel made the ball, Messi followed the shot and succeeded, scoring a winning goal.In the end, Barcelona were 1-0 Granada.After the game, Setion gave the team an “excellent” score.”Despite our lack of accuracy in the first half, I still gave the team a high score.Granada’s defense is very good, the game is not easy to play.In addition, the weather conditions are not too good, the wind is strong, and the turf is very dry, which makes the ball slow.”Setion said.For the new coach’s appointment and the performance of his first show, Barcelona senior officials also hold an optimistic forward-looking attitude.”I think sometimes we need to do something and take responsibility.So we changed the coach and made an explanation.”Barcelona senior Guillermo Amor said after the game,” We should seriously consider what we will face in the future, look forward to the future, we must remain positive and optimistic. “We still have the opportunity to compete for the championship of all events, we will participate in the effort.”