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[Does too much sexual life hurt the body]_Sex life_ Harm _ Adverse effects _ Harm

[Does too much sexual life hurt the body]_Sex life_ Harm _ Adverse effects _ Harm

Although sexual life is a very important part of life, it is not undeniable. Especially young people have strong sexual desire and can have sex almost every day. However, long-term daily sexual life has great damage to the body.

First of all, if men are sexually intersexual, it is likely to cause fine dryness, and women will also be affected by gynecological diseases. So what harm does daily sex have on the body?

Disadvantages of sexual life change 1: Sexual life change can cause excitement decline, orgasm destruction, vaginal dryness, tiredness, etc. For men, excessive “protracted battle” can lead to excessive prostate, retinal pills and spermatic cordCongestion and resumption of sexual life make these parts appear bloated the next day, and even cause prostatitis or spermatic cord inflammation, orchitis.

Disadvantages of worsening sexual life 2: long reunion, honeymoon, excessive excitement or nervousness, excessive tiredness, depressed mood, after drinking alcohol, intercourse, spouse relationship is not harmonious, husband has latent hostility towards the wife, resentment and anger, or treats the wifeExcessive fear, worship, and inferiority are all factors that cause premature ejaculation.

The disadvantages of excessive sexual life 3: Excessive long-term intercourse and intoxication are one of the causes of impotence.

Practice has proved that splitting a bed between couples, stopping sex replacement, avoiding various types of sexual stimulation, and allowing the central nervous system and sexual organs to fully rest are effective measures to correct impotence.

Concentrate on your thoughts; especially when you reach the peak of sexual pleasure and are about to ejaculate.

The disadvantages of sexual life change are many, and the pleasure of sexual life change can be replaced by other methods.

The speed of ejaculation is related to the body position, the amplitude and speed of penile tics, and the woman’s response. If the woman suddenly contracts the vagina during the tics of the penis, the grip on the penis is strengthened, and the irritation to the man is significantly increased, leading toCum is greatly advanced.

Men’s attention to ejaculation control and women’s sexual satisfaction has increased directly in parallel with their education level.

Reasonable sex life is the catalyst of life, but excessive sexual life will only increase the burden on the body and easily cause physical harm.

Men are likely to have erection difficulties, premature ejaculation, impotence and other male diseases, and women may have some more complicated gynecological diseases, so they must have a controlled sexual life.

Don’t go too far.