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[Do not do three things after Yunyu]

[Do not do three things after Yunyu]

Recently, the weather is cold and dry. After enjoying a hearty sex in a warm room, it is inevitable that my mouth will be dry and want to be “cool”.

As everyone knows, “coldness” after sexual intercourse in winter is likely to cause physical discomfort and lay the root of the disease.

First of all, do n’t drink cold water or cool things after sex. Sexual life will consume a lot of physical strength, people’s breathing, heart rate, etc. will increase, while the inhalation tract is relatively inhibited, and blood supply is reduced.

If you drink cold immediately after sex, and gradually replenish, the body’s mucosa suddenly encounters cold, which may cause repeated perfusion and damage the digestive system.

If you feel thirsty after sex, it is best to drink warm water or add a small amount of sugar, which can not only replenish the water lost due to sexual life, but also quickly add energy.

But pay attention to protect your teeth, brush your teeth before going to bed to remove sugar from your mouth.