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Aqua aerobics smooth skin reveals

Aqua aerobics smooth skin reveals

In the midsummer, all kinds of aquatic sports are becoming more and more popular among the public, especially in the cool water, transforming dynamic music and diving aerobics, which are also favored by fashionable men and women.

Lin Sen, the water project manager of Beijing Jade Bird Fitness Club, said that at present, in addition to Jade Bird Fitness, several large health clubs have carried out this sport.

Aqua aerobics can design different courses according to the needs of different people, such as public aerobics, aquatic gymnastics, aquatic maternity aerobics, aquatic rehabilitation aerobics, etc.

The junior course is at 1.


Performed in 6-meter chest water, mainly using land aerobics, boxing, ballet and other training methods. Common movements are: jogging in the water, jumping in the water, paddling in the arms, raising one leg, and kicking one leg.Swing your legs, etc.

Fully complete group lessons range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

  Compared with land aerobics, the advantage of water jump is that, on the ground due to gravity and weight, where the athletes collide with the ground, each joint of the body is also vulnerable to corresponding impacts. Excessive impacts often cause muscles.Ligament strain and contusion of the joint.

And in the water, affected by buoyancy, the impact and shock of each joint of the body is almost zero, and there will be no sports injury.

  When entering the water, the temperature of the skin is quickly reduced, and the capillaries of the skin are rapidly contracted, thereby speeding up metabolism and enhancing the supply of skin nutrients.

At the same time, because the “cooling down” is relatively sudden, the brain will immediately mobilize the activities of various systems and organs throughout the body to adapt to the decrease in temperature, thereby stimulating the excitability of the nervous system.

Therefore, people who do aerobics in the water not only have smooth skin, but also have a flexible mind.

  Tests show that the variables emitted by staying in water at 12 ° C for 4 minutes are equivalent to the variables emitted by land on the same temperature for 1 hour. Therefore, the calories consumed during diving aerobic exercises are significantly more than those on land. These variables are mainlyIt is provided by consuming sugar and adults in the body, which is a fast way to lose weight for excessive people.

At the same time, the abdomen and legs can be fully exercised by the toxicity of water to make the legs slender and fit.

  Lin Sen reminded that there are several things to note when practicing aerobics in water: 1.

People with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood pressure should exercise on the advice of a doctor.


People with infectious diseases are not allowed to exercise in water.


If you are uncomfortable during exercise, you should immediately rest on land.


Do not eat for an hour before training.