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In the Qingming season, the skin is easy to dry, eat more white fungus and less buckwheat

In the Qingming season, the skin is easy to dry, eat more white fungus and less buckwheat

Food should be avoided: should be: Chinese cabbage, white fungus, tofu should not be: buckwheat, fried peanuts health treasures: Qingming season gradually rises, at this time, some outdoor activities also follow, but the air is dry in early spring, windy,In this environment, people often feel that the skin is very dry, dandruff is easy to occur, and itching may occur in some places.

To improve skin dryness, in addition to choosing skin care products with moisturizing effects, you must also supplement your diet. Eat more fresh vegetables with leaves, such as Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage, which are rich in multivitamins and have skin care effects.
Tremella, tofu, apples and other foods can not only moisturize the skin, beauty and beauty, but also have a variety of effects such as nourishing the stomach and promoting fluids, nourishing qi and blood.

  At this time, it is not advisable to eat buckwheat, because buckwheat eats cold after the spring, and dysentery; fried peanuts are easy to help heat and sputum, and sputum should be eaten in spring or changed to cooked peanuts.

  Medicinal cuisine: Tremella boiled tofu[practices]50 grams of Tremella is washed with warm water and rinsed, put in boiling water, removed and placed in a plate; 250 grams of tofu is pressed into mud, salted, and starch is stirred into a paste.Sprinkle a small amount of coriander, steam it out of the basket for 5 minutes, and place it evenly in the white fungus dish; add a small amount of water to the pot, boil the salt, adjust a small amount of wet starch, and then pour the black sauce on the white fungus.

  [Food supplement guide]Tremella Ziyin heat, lungs and cough, long-term consumption can moisturize, and have the effect of removing melasma and freckles on the face, while tofu can refresh and moisturize, clear heat and detoxify, can make the skin smooth, less acne, For the beauty of spring beauty.