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[A Secret of Female Body Secrets]

[A Secret of Female Body Secrets]

Sanyinjiao massage physiological acupoints can enhance good health care.

For women, Sanyinjiao is especially important.

It is a “magic panacea” for gynecological diseases, and some people call it “female three miles.”

Pressing this point frequently can help women stay young, delay aging, and replace menopause.

Sanyinjiao is the intersection of the three yin meridians of the foot taiyin spleen meridian, foot jue yin and liver meridian, and foot Shao yin and kidney meridian.

It is on the lower leg, a predetermined 3 inches above the foot (that is, the width of the four fingers except the thumb), and the depression behind the upper bone.

The benefits of often rubbing Sanyinjiao include: nourishing blood and nourishing beauty, and firming muscles.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the main muscle. With the increase of age, human muscles gradually become loose, thus showing an old state. Frequent rubbing can strengthen the spleen, thereby slowing the process of muscle relaxation and keeping women in a healthy muscle state.

Condition menstruation and improve skin.

Sanyinjiao is a point where the three meridians of the spleen, liver, and kidney meet.

Among them, the spleen turns angry blood and controls the blood.

Liver hides blood, kidney essence gets angry.

As long as a woman is full of qi and blood, problems such as irregular menstruation will disappear.

The women’s planks with spots, acne, and wrinkles are actually related to irregular menstruation.

According to rubbing Sanyinjiao, the following methods can be adopted: according to the rubbing method, thumb or middle finger end to side Sanyinjiao, one press and one put for one time; or clockwise, then counterclockwise rub Sanyinjiao for 10 minutes.

The thumping method, with one hand fist rhythmically tapping the opposite Sanyinjiao point, about 20 times, alternately.

Rubbing method, rub the palm of the hand after rubbing Sanyinjiao, about 20 times.

In addition, moxibustion can help sleep before going to bed.

Women with dysmenorrhea can start about one week before menstruation, and spend 3 to 5 minutes a day massaging Hegu and Sanyinjiao; stimulate Sanyinjiao 2 to 3 times a day for 2 minutes each time (produce soreness);At the onset of dysmenorrhea, put 2 grams of powder on the tape and apply it to Sanyinjiao, and change the medicine once every other day.