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Acne-free tricks make your skin silky

Acne-free tricks make your skin silky

How to remove acne marks?

Acne is actually quite common in adults, but the appearance of acne makes Aimei MM very serious.

Especially the acne on the face, it even eclipses the beauty of women.

Even the strongest boy will not care about the impression left on the face, because acne is a “losing face” thing.

Today I will tell you how to get rid of acne marks, let everyone fight back the stubborn acne and acne marks of fractures!

Makes your skin smooth and silky!

  If you want to deal with acne, you must first know yourself. If you have oily skin, you must prepare for a long-term battle with acne.

Acne appears when there is too much sebum on the surface of the skin and it clogs pores.

This kind of sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands under the skin. Bacteria multiply on these sebum that cannot be excreted, and there will be two cases of acne: one is chestnut rash, which indicates that hair follicles or pores are blocked;One is blackheads, which indicate that the sebum overlaps and turns black.

  First, prevent pores from clogging.

The most important thing is not to thicken the thick powder, and make the pores that are supposed to be killed worse. If you have acne, heavy makeup is a taboo.

It causes your acne to “severe” and “complicate,” and you won’t know how the chemically synthesized fat powder and bacteria can jointly destroy your “flower appearance.”

Refreshing is a big part of dealing with acne. Refreshing can slow down the substitution of the skin. In addition, removing the oil that allows bacteria to multiply can also break the path of acne.

So clean first and wash your skin.

It is best not to use tap water directly for washing, because tap water contains chlorine bleaching powder and bacteria that irritate the face. Chlorine will irritate the skin and make acne more. Bacteria in tap water will complicate the situation.

So it is best to wash your face with warm water, neutral soap and soft towels two or three times a day.

  In addition to staying fresh, not irritating the skin too much is another key to prevention.

Excessive sunlight will make sweat glands and sebaceous glands active, which will cause pores and exacerbate inflammation; long-term excessive drinking will make the blood weakly acidic and accelerate blood circulation, which indirectly leads to the generation of acne and the outbreak of acne; cold and greasy foodAlso be aware that foods containing iodine metabolism should be eaten as little as possible; regular massage and sauna to promote blood circulation and acne will worsen, so it is best to reduce such activities.

  Dermatologists believe that stress is an important cause of acne on the skin.

Stress will accelerate the secretion of adrenal hormones, increase sebum secretion, and capillary pores, causing acne.

When you are under stress, you must find a way to eliminate stress.

There are many ways to relieve stress, just choose the one that suits you.

  Acne mark method 1, acne mark method This is a very simple method, but it requires long-term adherence.

Yogurt, low-fat or non-fat, to avoid micronutrients from excessive nutrients.

  How to use: (1) You don’t need to prepare yoghurt intentionally, just use the leftover of each drink.

  (2) Apply on the acne area, it can be directly overlapped and washed off the next day.

  Trial experience: After using it for a month, I feel that the acne marks have really faded, at least not so red. Long-term adherence should have better results.

  2. Pearl powder + egg white to remove French pearl powder and egg white are familiar whitening products, will be mixed, not only the skin will become more and more smooth, and the marks of acne can gradually fade.

And it’s cheap and easy.

  Operation method: (1) Take a raw egg, drain the egg white and mix with a small spoon of medicinal pearl powder.

  (2) Avoid the eyes and lips, and apply evenly over the entire length.

  (3) Apply as thick as possible, or it will dry out quickly and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.

  Trial experience: This mask is not suitable for the use of MM for dry skin, because pearl powder and egg white are not moisturizing enough. Although it can get a certain effect of removing acne marks, it feels very dry after use.

  3, apple acne marks If you have acne or acne marks on your skin, then this treatment method can not be simpler.

Just use it twice a week, preferably fresh apples.

  How to use: (1) Pour boiling water on an apple first, and wait for a few minutes until the apple slice becomes soft.

  (2) Take it out of the water, and apply it to the acne mark when it is cooled to warm, and keep it for 20 minutes.

  (3) Remove and wash your face with water.  Trial experience: simple and easy, the effect is good, especially the effect of preventing acne marks is the best.

When the plasma acne is just starting, the acne can be quickly matured without any acne marks.

  4, white lotus root powder + mung bean powder anti-acne seal method This is a Chinese recipe introduced on TV.

It is a formula of pure Chinese medicine, so the texture is mild, not irritating, and the raw materials are readily available and cheap.

  How to use: Mix the white lotus root powder and mung bean powder in a 1: 1 ratio and mix thoroughly, then lay it on a wooden board and wash it after 15-20 minutes.

It works best with warm water.

  Trial experience: The effect is good. The big acne can become small acne the next day after use, and the acne mark will become lighter and smaller.

It also has a certain whitening effect.

  5, potato chips to remove acne marks This is a method that young housewives like to remove acne marks. Every time you make potatoes, you can take the opportunity to remove acne marks.

  How to use: (1) Wash the potatoes and cut out a few thin slices. Be sure to cut them very thin, otherwise it will be difficult to hang on the face and the absorption effect is not good.

  (2) It can be affixed for about 15 minutes. Remove and rinse.

  Trial experience: This method is only suitable for the initial stage of acne marks, or the acne marks themselves are longer or lighter.

The effect is less pronounced if a sunken acne mark has formed.

  6, mulberry white skin acne seal Chinese traditional medicinal material mulberry white skin has a good effect of water and swelling, is now a combination of a variety of drugs made of proprietary Chinese medicine “mulberry skin scar cream” professional scar medicine.

  How to use: Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it evenly on the scars. Tap and massage to absorb it. Use it several times a day for better results.

  Feeling of trial: There is a kind of Chinese medicine fragrance when the cover is opened, and the effect is very good. It is the best acne removing product currently used, and Chinese medicine contains no added ingredients, no irritating reaction, and whitening effect, the effect is moreSo obvious.