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Today, 20 years ago, the first Star Wars movie came to China

The “Star Wars” series of movies first appeared in 1977, when the domestic film market was far from open, so the first three Star Wars films could not be transferred to mainland China, and most of the domestic Star Wars fans were through other means such as closed circuit television or videoChannel contact videos.As a result, the most important science fiction IP in the world ‘s film history has not caused much influence on Chinese fans. Its cultural influence in China is far less than its influence in the United States and worldwide.Until November 5, 1999, George Lucas restarted the first part of the “Star Wars Prequel” series: “Star Wars Prequel 1: The Threat of the Ghost” was introduced to the mainland, and Chinese fans were able to appreciate it again on the big screen.The true content of “Star Wars”.In the next 20 years, almost every Star Wars movie was introduced to the Mainland, but due to lack of feelings, the Chinese box office of the “Star Wars” series has always been tepid, and every North American movie will break some of the box office records.The phenomenon formed a sharp contrast.2002 “Star Wars Episode 2: The Attack of the Clone” box office 45 million 2005 “Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith” box office 75.54 million 2016 “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens” Box Office 8100 million 2017 “Star Wars Story: Grand Theft Auto” box office 4.7.7 billion at the 2018 “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” box office 2.6.5 billion 2018 “Star Wars Story: Ranger Soro” box office 1.0.6 billion