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Nine kinds of lipid-lowering sausages


Nine kinds of lipid-lowering sausages

The life is good now, big fish and big meat are indispensable dishes.

But this is too greasy, we should eat some vegetarian food to eliminate greasy, clear stomach and intestines, and reduce blood lipids, protect the cardiovascular.

There are nine types of vegetarian foods that can be eaten to lower the fat and clear the intestines: 1.

Oatmeal: The effect of lowering cholesterol and lowering blood fat.

Oats are rich in oat fiber, which is not found in other grains.

Because this fiber is easily absorbed by the body, and because of the low heat content, it is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also suitable for high blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes people’s need for diet therapy.


Corn: Eating corn often reduces blood plasma and softens blood vessels.

Maize has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice hepatitis and diabetes.


Sweet potato: It has a strong blood cholesterol lowering, maintains blood acid-base balance, delays aging and prevents cancer and cancer.

Sweet potato is rich in precipitated fiber and colloidal volumetric defecation substances, which can be described as “intermediate scavenger”.


Seaweed: Low content of marine vegetables, low content, some seaweeds have hypolipidemic effect.

Brown algae such as kelp, rich in colloidal fibers, can significantly lower serum cholesterol.

Seaweed also contains many unique active substances, which have antihypertensive, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic and anti-cancer effects.


Onions: Onions contain compounds such as cycloalbumin and methionine to aid in the dissolution of blood clots.

Onion is almost free of traces, so it can inhibit the increase of hemodialysis caused by high-concentration diet and help to improve atherosclerosis.

銆€銆€6, onions almost no traces, it can inhibit the rise of hemodialysis caused by high concentration diet, help to improve atherosclerosis.


Apple: Its pectin has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol.

Apple is rich in potassium, which can eliminate excess sodium in the body, such as eating enough apples every day, to maintain blood pressure, blood lipids.


Hawthorn: strengthens and regulates the myocardium, increases the ventricle, atrial motion amplitude and coronary blood flow, but also reduces blood stasis and promotes metabolism.


Jujube: Multi-food can improve the body’s antioxidant power and immunity.

Red dates are also effective in lowering blood cholesterol and triglycerides.