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Do you know the myth about cycling?

Do you know the myth about cycling?

China is a big bicycle country, and almost 99% of people ride bicycles.

According to professionals, being able to ride a bike is not the same as being able to exercise by cycling. If you look closely at the surroundings, it is not difficult to find some errors in riding.

  Misunderstanding one: riding posture.

  ”The wrong way to ride a bike doesn’t affect exercise and it’s easy to harm the body.

“When coaches coached fitness enthusiasts, they found that incorrect riding postures were common, such as extended legs, nodding and hips.

“The correct posture is: lean forward slightly, straighten your arms, tighten your abdomen, use abdominal breathing, keep your legs parallel to the beams of your car, keep your knees and knees in coordination, and pay attention to your riding rhythm.

“Misunderstanding 2: The action of stamping.

  ”The average person thinks that the so-called stomping is to step down with your feet, and you can move forward if you turn your feet around.

The correct pedaling should be divided into four consecutive actions: stepping, pulling, lifting, and pushing.

“The trainer said:” The soles of the feet are stepped down first, the calves are retracted back and pulled back, and then lifted up, and finally pushed forward, so that exactly one week of treading.

Pedaling so rhythmically saves energy and increases speed.

“The third misunderstanding: deviation from frequency, one-sided pursuit of strength and speed.

  “许多刚入门的年轻人贪图‘多量’和‘快速’,如没有骑过长途的一下子骑了50公里,而且在途中,只追求速度、力量,这样其实对身体的伤害很大,严重的Participation will cause standing water.

According to the coach, “Exercise, frequency and intensity are the three principles of exercise.

It is recommended that beginners find a suitable frequency and then increase the amount of exercise. The pedaling frequency of ordinary people is about 60-80 times per minute.

You must have at least 20 minutes of warm-up at a high frequency and low speed (that is, more laps and less effort) for each ride to make your body sweat slightly. Otherwise, you may experience dizziness, nausea and other symptoms if you exercise suddenly and intensively.