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[Can I eat watermelon while drinking beer]_Danger_Bad

[Can I eat watermelon while drinking beer]_Danger_Bad

Beer is one of many people’s favorite drinks.

Its alcohol level is not high and it is not easy to get drunk.

In daily life, people will understand that eating some foods together can promote the nutritional performance of the other party, while some foods cannot be eaten together. Some of them can inhibit nutrition and others can be used instead of poisoning.

This is the principle of mutual sympathy.

Some food is complementary, and some food is compatible.

Can watermelon and beer, two completely different things, be eaten together?

1 After drinking alcohol, you can eat watermelon, which has a good hangover effect in the axial direction, which is good for human health.

2 After getting drunk.

Many people like to drink strong tea and hangover after drinking.

In fact, theophylline in strong tea can cause vasoconstriction and increase blood pressure, which is not a good choice for hangover and refreshing.

Generally speaking, eating some sour fruits can make hangovers.

Because fruits contain organic acids, and the main ingredient in wine is ethanol, organic acids can interact with ethanol to form esters to achieve the purpose of hangover.

3 Watermelon is a better hangover option.

Enhancement can accelerate the excretion of alcohol from the urine, avoiding its absorption by the body and causing fever throughout the body; in series, watermelon itself also has a heat-removing and fire-extinguishing effect, which can help the whole body cool down.

In addition, people who often drink and have too much alcohol, have some mushrooms to protect the liver better.

In addition, it is worth reminding that “a small drink and a great drunkenness”.

It is advisable to drink in moderation every time.

4 Watermelon is something cold, and people with a cold constitution will not be able to bear it. If you do n’t eat it later, pay more attention to the maintenance of your stomach. Do n’t keep pursuing coolness for a while.Conditioning, in fact, the most important thing is the maintenance of the stomach, I originally had a bad stomach, now I eat and drink a little and pay attention to a lot better, and I hope you are healthy!

5 Drinking pain is alcohol pain.
Obviously, if you don’t pay attention, chronic gastrointestinal diseases may turn into acute attacks in the near future.
Eating more watermelons causes stomach or duodenal pain when the belly is bloated.
...Spring and summer seasons, and autumn and winter seasons are frequent seasons of gastrointestinal diseases, we must pay attention to observation.
...Stomach and stomach problems are painful like a knife cut or sand is rubbing there. This feeling is different. Be sure to prevent it in time!
Of different gastrointestinal diseases.