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Fitness face

Fitness face

I am a college student and I am 20 years old.

Height 1.

82 meters, weighing 105 kilograms. I like bodybuilding very much. I want to train systematically because of too much.

Excuse me, should I let myself lose weight to 77 kg and then increase it, or do I gain muscle while losing weight?

Can I increase my height by another 3 with proper training?
5 centimeters?

Is it easy for a “big guy”
to move in everyday life?

Does the overweight musculoskeletal effect? A: First of all, we must know what the content of adults in the body is.

The percentage of healthy adults (male) should be at 14%?
About 17%.

To improve body fat to a healthy level, you can increase a trace amount of consumption through aerobic exercise, and at the same time cooperate with muscle training to effectively increase body fat consumption.

The training plan can be arranged as follows: 3 aerobic exercises per week, every 45-60 minutes, and strength training twice a week, mainly systemic muscles, and more multi-joint movements (consumption) each45-60 minutes.

Even if it can grow taller, it depends on people. The developmental period of men is generally 14% and 18 years old, and it is normal to be early or late 1% for 2 years.

The folks say “twenty-three, channeling”, but you are not sure whether you can grow taller.

Of course, bodybuilding exercises will not affect daily actions, and will not cause damage to bones and joints.

On the contrary, strong muscles can protect the joints, and there are too many bodybuilders who are very agile and even very flexible. I am a bodybuilding enthusiast and a diabetic. How can I supplement it?nutrition?
How many eggs a day?

How to eat chicken, duck and fish meat and how to take nutritional supplements A: There are two types of diabetes: type and type. Types are dependent type (lack of insulin). Patients need regular injections. Types are not dependent type. Adults.People who are fatter or nationally afflicted with this type of diabetes.

The first thing you need to know is which type you belong to.

  Patients with diabetes need to have their blood glucose checked before training. High or low blood sugar is not suitable for exercise.

Before exercise, it is best to add some food samples with low glycemic index, cereals, soy products, milk potatoes and fruits, etc., and foods with high glycemic index (such as sweets and biscuits, etc.) are prone to rapid blood sugar, which increases slightly and is not conducive to sports.Should not be taken.

Prepare some sweets, sweets or sugary drinks during exercise, and you can replenish them in time when the brakes reappear.

  In order to control blood sugar, diabetic patients should try to reduce sugar-containing foods as much as possible, and supplement high-fiber foods to slow the absorption of sugars. For example, whole wheat bread can be used to replace white toast, and barley red beans or mung beans can be used to replace some staple foods.Fiber intake.

Unless you have hypoglycemia during exercise, sugary juices and soft drinks are best not to choose.

Carry some biscuit candy chocolate or sugary drinks with you, especially when you have a lot of exercise, be sure to add sugar and water in time.

  Regarding eggs and meat foods, people with diabetes should eat as little as possible because these are high feces and cholesterol foods.

Once the blood lipid rises, it is not only very unfavorable to diabetes, but also cardiovascular disease.

People with diabetes should not eat foods that raise blood lipids, such as the common lard, butter, sheep fat, flour, cream, fat, and other foods that are rich in other foods.

  What you need to pay attention to when taking nutritional supplements is the sugar content of some protein powders or muscle powders.

Some muscle-building powders are high in sugar and unfit for consumption (shown on food labels).

But you can add some pure protein powder, its sugar content is very low, generally just to increase the taste but not to replace the excess sugar.

So you can take it safely as long as you control the amount of sugar in your nutritional supplement.

  I am 32 years old and 1.

60 meters.

130 pounds, compared with two years ago. Although the weight has not changed, it has accumulated a lot of fat, and the previous clothes can no longer be worn.

I’ve lost dozens of pounds, but then my weight rebounded.

Now I want to resume my previous amount of exercise.

That is, running 2 hours a day.
Jump 1?
2 hours, 800 skipping ropes, but now physical recovery can not keep up, and after exercise 1?
2 days.

Very tired.
Even so, I did not lose weight.

  My diet arrangement is: 1 boiled egg for breakfast, 1 cup of honey water, half a cereal grain bun, 1 cup of sugar-free thick soy milk lunch, 1 fish or lean meat or beef, 1 fried vegetable and cucumber, 50 g rice (vegetable1 bowl of millet porridge for vegetables, radishes, mung bean sprouts, fried vegetables, tomato soup, 1 cucumber (vegetables are celery, bracts, Chinese cabbage, etc. 2 pm?
3 fruits.

Such as apples, oranges, mandarins and other low-calorie fruits, 1 cup of low-fat yogurt, 1 cup of skim milk before going to bed, the amount of exercise is 2 hours of aerobics, and sometimes running (tired), I want to reduce it to 104 poundsWhat to pay attention to in terms of exercise and exercise A: If the weight has not changed, but the feeling of being fatter than before may be due to muscle loss.

Loss of muscle will cause a decrease in the metabolic rate, that is, the consumption of free radicals will be reduced (daily and during exercise), which is why the weight will easily rebound!

It takes time to recover from previous physical fitness, and the training plan should gradually increase the intensity gradually.

Barely run 2 hours and jump 1?
Add 800 skipping ropes in 2 hours, don’t blame if you are not tired!

Now you should reduce the amount of training (preferably halving) and then gradually increase the amount of training based on physical strength and feelings. Once you feel tired, rest immediately. Do not force it.

In addition, these training programs cannot be maintained for a long time. They should be replaced properly, because long-term running and jumping ropes will strain the knee joint, causing inflammation and pain.

It can be appropriate to use brisk walking instead of running. Brisk walking has relatively less pressure on the knee joint and helps protect the joints.

In addition, anti-resistance training (strength training) should be performed 2-3 times a week to target the muscles of the whole body, and more multi-joint movements are used.

Because muscle training can increase energy expenditure and increase strength.

The following training plan is for reference: I am a tour coach of a club, but I can sell personal lessons. If I sell it, I can be promoted to personal trainer next month.

I have no problem in class now.

But I do not know how to sell private lessons, please guide.

  A: Personal trainers actually have many requirements in order to achieve sales success.

These requirements include personal qualities, professional attitudes to people, and sales communication skills.

The first step in successful sales is to give members a good first impression, followed by whether the coach can gain the trust of members.

To be straightforward, to make a good first impression before meeting with members, the coach should prepare suitable clothing and be neat and clean to leave a deep impression on members.

During the physical examination, prepare all professional information armors to consult members.

After members have revealed their fitness goals, they should then provide a preliminary training plan to enable members to experience the level and experience of the coach.

Many coaches say that members do not buy personal education or are too expensive, in fact, they are mostly an excuse, because those members have not fully understood what personal education can do for him!

So when communicating with members, the coach should try to find out what the members want and what they need (such as fat reduction and muscle shaping).

Discover the real needs of members, no one worry about buying personal training. I am a bodybuilding enthusiast. According to the training methods in Health and Beauty, I continued to exercise for two years, and my physical fitness was enhanced, and my strength increasedMany, but not perfect, are lighter and thinner.

The sebum is very thin.

I have tried eating some high-energy, high-fat foods to gain weight, but I can’t get fat.

  I usually take 1 cup of pure milk, 1 banana before training, and 1 chicken leg, 1 cup of milk and oatmeal after training.

In addition, I also want to take some nutritional supplements, but I don’t know like me (height 1).

73 meters, weight 57 kg) what nutritional supplements are good.

In addition, I have to walk at least 15 miles a day.

How do I exercise (only a pair of 30 kg dumbbells)?

What foods to eatA: The key to gaining weight in a lean person is to ensure that it translates into a recommendation that you have at least 4 meals and 5 best each day?
6 meals.

But eating more meals is not the same as eating a lot of high-weight and high-faecal foods. The diet plan for weight gain should be a comprehensive intake of nutrients, rather than blindly eating high or even trace amounts of food. This cannot achieve the effect of weight gain!

The diet menu should contain enough protein (according to bodybuilding training standards: 1 per kilogram of body weight per day).

7 grams of protein) the rest of the staple food (provide the dose required for exercise).

Fruits and vegetables are very important, but often overlooked. Although they provide limited conversion, the vitamins and minerals they contain are very important for the function and growth of the body.

Every day you need at least 3 vegetables, preferably dark vegetables, and 2 fruits.

If the intake of vitamins or minerals is insufficient, even if there is excess conversion, the ideal weight gain effect cannot be achieved.

For nutritional supplements, you can take protein powder (protein powder or muscle gaining powder) like protein powder or muscle gaining powder properly, about two cups a day (once after breakfast, before lunch and once after lunch and dinner).

  Because you only have dumbbells, the type of movement will be a bit monotonous, but you can still practice at least 10 movements. These 10 movements can be performed in two days: Monday dumbbell shoulder press: push-up dumbbell side press, push-up (wide grip)) Neck and hind arm flexion, stretching, lying, belly-holding dumbbell squat, Push-up dumbbells side flat push-ups (wide grip) dumbbell neck hind arm flexion stretch supine roll belly holding dumbbell dumbbell squat friday dumbbell side flat push-ups (narrow grip) dumbbell one-arm rowing dumbbell biceps curl lunge lungeDo at least 3 sets of 8 each?
12 times (need to reach the exhaustion state, if the number of times reached 15 times and have not reached exhaustion, the weight of the dumbbell should be increased).
The weight of the dumbbell can be selected in multiple ways, for example, 20 kg, 30 kg, and 40 kg.

In addition, the article “Conventional Weapons for Male Dormitories”, No. 8 of 2007, is available for reference.

  Tongari: The most effective nude bodybuilder known as “the first person in Chinese body art photo”, Tongari has a perfect figure that every woman envied, and she would do exercise at home as long as she didn’t perform.

She revealed that naked fitness is most effective for women’s fat-reducing bodybuilding.


The metabolism rate is accelerated by at least 3%.

During naked exercise, the body surface temperature changes faster than “clothing exercise”, especially in warm environments, the body temperature rises quickly and blood circulation accelerates, which promotes the metabolism rate.

“Nude exercise” has three alternatives to the metabolic rate of “clothing exercise”.


More standard action.

When naked, especially when facing the mirror, most people will consciously remind themselves to lift their chests and abdomen. Our movements will be more standard, especially when it comes to physical training.


Weight loss and body shaping targeted.

The role of clothing is to avoid weaknesses for our body, and during nude exercise, we can find out that our part is fat again in time and correctly observe and grasp this part that needs to lose weight during exercise.



It is easier to observe yourself during naked movements, such as the discovery of breast diseases.

Because there is no clothing to prevent sweating more smoothly, the skin breathes more freely.

  5 Excitement index for weight loss is higher.

Nude people generally have a higher degree of love for the body, and their weight loss consciousness is more serious, and it is easier to throw people into weight loss.

The Chinese wedding of Parker and Eva is the most luxurious wedding of NBA Spurs star Parker and Hollywood sexy star Eva recently married in Paris. After three years of long-distance love run, they officially entered the marriage hall.

The wedding of the golden boy and girl is the most watched wedding this summer, and it is held next to the Louvre in Chantilly.

The cost of the wedding will be more than £ 2.5 million, including a £ 300,000 wedding diamond ring for two people, a guest team of more than 200 people, and even a wedding cake is worth 1.

£ 50,000.

Exclusive wedding photos have been included in OK Magazine for $ 2 million.

  China Economic Net ‘s Rain Sweating Stage Gains Revenue and Is Appraised as the Best “Wang” Character Abdominal Male ArtistMale artist, as a result, the sexy little king Rain has a bumpy abs line, winning the championship throne.

Rain usually sang and danced on the stage, and her sweaty performance won the affirmation of netizens and won 2,916 votes (39.85 percent of the votes).

In the film and television works, Quan Xiangyou, who showed muscle curves, ranked second with 689 votes (84.3% of votes).

  The onset of human health encephalopathy in “Men’s Health” has long known that everyone knows the typical symptoms of cardiovascular disease, but the onset of brain disease is mysterious and unknown.

The result is often that patients are taken to the hospital too late for medications used to treat cerebral hemorrhage that don’t really work.

A recent study in the United States found that more than half of patients who died from a sudden attack of brain disease waited more than an hour to seek medical help.
The most likely reason is that many people don’t know what exactly happened.

“At first the symptoms were mild because the disease didn’t feel pain when it started, so it didn’t cause people to be sufficiently alert,” medical experts said.

To understand your lover and what happened to you, please keep in mind the symptoms of brain disease, including numbness, stuttering, weak limbs, and facial paralysis.

  ”Prevention” PreventiOn learn language to fight brain aging Want to make your brain aging slower and slower?

Find a partner and start learning together.

Learn a new language first to keep your brain alert.

A recent study from Canada shows that a person who speaks several languages fluently lags the brain by 4 years than someone who speaks only one language-probably because they are used to using different areas of the brain.

The reason is to find a peer to study together, because you will benefit more by studying with your peers.

Psychologists followed 823 disciplined adults for 4 years and found that individuals living alone may suffer from Alzheimer’s disease twice as much as individuals living in groups.
We suspect that years of loneliness are slowly damaging their brains. Dr. Welson, the research leader, said, “So from now on, building a proper and emotionally satisfying social network can help the brainGood resistance to aging.

“Fitness” fitness people have skills to relieve pain. People who work at desks for a long time can’t avoid back pain. In fact, there are many key ways to deal with pain. It is to sum up experience and form a personalized method for pain relief.

The following tips and hints may help you.

Pause. Pain when your back or body starts to pain often forces you to stop doing the work you are doing.

This time does not prevent lying down to relax the muscles of the whole body or take a hot bath.

After a short rest, stand up and walk back and forth between the limbs and torso.

Then you will feel just how good you are after a pause.

The initial pressure nine relaxation and breathing exercises help to minimize stress.

Relax your muscles and take a few deep, slow breaths.

Make sure your belly and retina are dilating while breathing.

Exercise: Aerobics are a must, walking, running, cycling, swimming or playing tennis.

These activities help reduce pain and keep you feeling healthy and comfortable.

Before beginning any exercise program, it is best to consult a healthcare professional.

  ”Fitness Prescriptions” FITNESS RX office exercise ball fitness ball usually only appears in the fitness club, but now many fashion people have moved the fitness ball from the gym to the office instead of the traditional office chair.

They believe that this can prevent back pain, improve posture, and improve concentration.

But replacing seats with exercise balls is not a good idea!

When a person sits on the ball, he is at a static state. In order to maintain balance, the legs and core muscle groups must be in a contracted state. Muscle fatigue is quite fast so that the human body will gradually bend forward in the sky, and the curved state of the trunk compresses the intervertebral disc very easily.

Scottish researchers have found that leaning back (135 degrees) has less pressure on the spine than sitting upright (90 degrees) or leaning forward with the back of the bow, while leaning forward while sitting on an exercise ball puts the spine in a position that can easily causeFatigue increases disc pressure and vulnerable posture.

It can be seen that fashion is not always good for the body.

  Japanese undressing female anchor appeared in Taipei exhibition Taiwan “Taipei Multimedia Exhibition” recently appeared in Taipei World Trade Center.

The conference surpassed the Japanese strip anchor Nancheng Huazi to help the organizers call it the anchor of Fuji TV in Japan.

Nan Cheng Huazi, a graduate of the University of Tokyo law, is currently the host of the political show. She first wore a suit TV anchor at the scene. When Nan Cheng Huazi took off her coat and broadcasted the news in a bikini, there was a commotion and push the flashlightFlashing non-stop.