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In the ten seasons of gold, nine silver, the human body enters the weight-loss and easy-to-skin period, often eats two kinds of food, and the weight is quietly lowered.

In the ten seasons of gold, nine silver, the human body enters the weight-loss and easy-to-skin period, often eats two kinds of food, and the weight is quietly lowered.

With the improvement of material conditions and living standards, more and more people are getting more and more, and the weight loss that comes with it has become a topic of concern to everyone.

After the autumn equinox, people’s appetite is getting better and better. Often, they will eat a lot of things without knowing it, and thus they will have a meat that is almost detrimental to the external image and harmful to health.

After the beginning of the autumn, the weather in most areas is still high temperature, and after entering the autumnal equinox, the weather is cool, and the human body also enters the “slimming and thinning period”, which is suitable for weight loss.

The difference between people who lose weight and those who don’t lose weight is very big. People who lose weight do not lose weight. The difference is still very big!

People who do not lose weight have a lot of harm. 1. For women, obesity is easy to cause infertility research to confirm that the effects of obesity and advanced age in the diagnosis and treatment of female infertility can be compared.

Obese couples achieve 55% longer pregnancy than non-obese couples.

A senior researcher at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the United States has concluded through research that obese people are prone to infertility.

2, high blood pressure is easy to cause the deterioration of hepatobiliary diseases, and hyperinsulinemia in obese people will cause the synthesis of endogenous triglycerides, which will cause the accumulation of triglycerides synthesized in insulin to form liver.

The ratio of obese to normal, the increase in cholesterol in bile acids exceeds the solubility in bile, so obese people tend to have a high proportion of diabetic stones, and women with cholelithiasis are reported 50?
80% are obese.

3, obese people are prone to endocrine and metabolic diseases with excessive metabolism, endocrine abnormalities, often can cause a variety of diseases.

Abnormal glucose metabolism can cause diabetes, a few metabolic abnormalities can cause hyperlipidemia, and abnormal nucleic acid metabolism can cause hyperuricemia.

Diabetic women can cause irregular menstruation due to ovarian dysfunction.

4, obese people are likely to increase the complications of surgery, obesity will increase the risk of anesthesia, the wound is easy to crack after surgery, the chances of complications such as hypostatic pneumonia are more than those who are not fat.

5, obesity easily causes joint bone weight increase, causing many joints (such as the spine, shoulders, elbows, hips, foot joints) to wear or tear and cause pain.

6, obesity increases cancer risk According to the latest research, 13 kinds of cancers such as esophageal adenocarcinoma, colon and rectal cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, renal cell carcinoma, meningioma, etc. are related to obesity.

Therefore, obese people are likely to increase the risk of cancer.

These two kinds of foods can be called “monster killers”, insist on eating, lose weight and raise stomach 1, red bean konjac powder will be red beans, coix seed, plus spleen and stomach yam, sputum, plus konjac with weight loss effectGlutinous rice is polished to make red bean glutinous rice konjac flour, which is rich in nutrients and has good weight loss effect.

Moreover, the red bean glutinous rice konjac powder is simple and convenient. After getting up every morning, it can be eaten with boiling water and evenly mixed.

With the yam, the addition of cockroaches and even the people with bad spleen and stomach can be safely eaten.

Red bean konjac flour principle: red bean: flat, sweet, sour, have a good laxative, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, regulate blood sugar, prevent stones, body weight loss.

Ren: slightly cold, non-toxic, able to clear away heat and dampness, in addition to rheumatism, benefit urination, benefit lung and pus, spleen and stomach, strong bones and muscles.

For people with damp heat, wet people are especially effective.

Konjac: Since ancient times, konjac has been called “going to the intestine sand”, sexual cold, symplectic, toxic; can promote blood circulation, detoxification and swelling, wide bowel laxative, phlegm and soft, has the effect of whole intestine detoxification.

2, mung bean pumpkin porridge pumpkin contains pectin can play a role in protecting the stomach, while mung bean can discharge intestinal toxicity, while boiling together to cool the heat, diuretic heat, but also discharge the gastrointestinal oil is a perfect combination.

And the practice is also very simple, prepare mung bean 150g, pumpkin 200g and then add water into the pot, cook for about 10 minutes on medium heat.